Tuesday, April 28, 2015

Tuesday, April 28, 2015:

St. Michael the Archangel said: “I am Michael and I stand before God. My son, I am coming to give you strength, and courage to speak out against a false teaching that you know in your heart and in what you were taught, is wrong. You have consulted with what the Church teaches in the Catechism, and truly I know beyond a doubt that hell is forever and eternal, because I was ordered by God to cast the demons into hell forever. This has occurred in the ‘now’ time of God before man and time were created. Whenever you hear statements against the teachings of the apostles, you need to speak out against it, even if anyone refutes what you are saying. Call on Jesus and the Holy Spirit to make a proper discernment, but you must defend the traditional Church teachings against any heretical statements. Your eyes have been opened to understand how diabolical influences can persuade good people to believe in heresies or false doctrine. Keep praying to Me for protection from these evil forces, and you can easily see clearly how the coming division in the Church will take place. It will be the faithful remnant that will be protected from the gates of hell, and any demonic teachings.”

Jesus said: “My son, you are having your spiritual eyes opened to the effects of heresies on people’s faith. I have given you My words in the Gospels, and you have a recent compilation of the truths of the faith that St. John Paul II put together in the Catechism of the Catholic Church. These truths are your authority from Me to disprove any heretical teachings that are being put out by different clerical authorities. After your experience today, you are realizing how close the great apostasy is in your time. There are many confusing statements and doubts coming into your hearing that have many demonic influences. Those people, who advocate traditional Church teachings, are coming under more attacks from the liberal views in your current society. I have told you, if you hear heresies being taught in a church, then move on to another church. Soon you will see a schismatic church take over most of the churches. This is when you will need to have your prayer groups in the homes, and Masses by faithful priests. The next attack will come from your government, when they will close your churches, and Christians will be persecuted with even martyrdom. Once your lives are endangered, you will need to come to My refuges for My protection. Hold on to your faith with My help in your daily prayers. Repent of your sins in monthly Confession, and trust in My help to protect your souls from any heretical deceptions of the demons.”