Tuesday, April 28, 2009: (St. Louis de Montford)

Jesus said: “My people, religious persecution is soon to get worse, so you will have to pray and go to Mass in secret. Open, public worship of God will be forbidden and many churches will be closed. Anyone with words of God on the internet will also be forbidden, as well as publishing of religious books. My messages will continue, but it will be harder to make them available to people. At first religious people will be harassed, and then they will be imprisoned or killed. Once your life is threatened, it will be time to go to your refuges. Just as St. Steven in the first reading was persecuted and stoned, so My faithful will meet the same persecution for My Name’s sake. Never deny Me, and if you are threatened with martyrdom, it would be better to die as a martyr, than deny Me. This may be a difficult decision, but all martyrs become instant saints in heaven who die for the faith. Be at peace in your soul because if you die as a martyr, you go to heaven. If you come to My refuges, you will be protected and come to My Era of peace, and then to heaven. As long as you are faithful to Me, and keep your soul cleansed with Confession, you should have no worries.”
Jesus said: “My people, in some areas of America there has been a trend of Catholic schools closing and this has been followed by churches closing. When people lose their faith and stop coming to church, eventually there are not enough people to support that church. The churches that are surviving have prayer meetings and keep their traditions with clergy and people vibrant in their faith. Enjoy the freedom of religion that you have today because a time is coming when your churches will be persecuted and closed by your government. Then prayer and Masses will need to be set up in secret places. Have no fear because I will protect My faithful remnant from all of the plans of the evil ones.”