Tuesday, April 26, 2011

Tuesday, April 26, 2011:
Jesus said: “My people, I truly did have compassion on Mary Magdalene because she seemed so confused by My disappearance. Not only My apostles, but almost everyone did not fully appreciate what ‘rise from the dead’ meant. St. Peter remembered My promise after the third day, and the empty tomb had confirmed the story that the women told. Still when the apostles heard the testimony of the women seeing an angel, and Mary telling them that she had seen the Lord, they did not want to believe them. When the two disciples met Me on the road to Emmaus, they gave witness to seeing Me when I broke the bread before them. The apostles still refused to totally believe in My Resurrection, even with this testimony. It took My appearance to them in the upper room to have them fully believe that I had resurrected. So when My faithful try to evangelize souls and tell them of My Resurrection, do not be surprised that converts may take some time to understand fully this belief in My rising from the dead. Even My apostles required the grace of the Holy Spirit to understand My rising from the dead, and the significance of My salvation history. Be grateful that My faithful have received My gift of faith so you can believe in My Resurrection, even without seeing My resurrected Body. I told My apostles that they believed because they saw My resurrected Body, but blessed are they who have believed without seeing Me.”

Jesus said: “My people, America needs to cut its yearly deficit by some mix of taxes and spending cuts. Your deficit this year is $1.6 trillion, and even if $4 trillion was cut over ten years, you still would see your National Debt rising $1.2 trillion/year. Some politicians are talking big reductions in spending, but there are very few details of where these cuts will be made. If some serious cuts are not made, then your Treasury Bonds will have a lower rating than AAA. Countries as Greece and Portugal are paying more interest on their loans because of their lower bond rating. To get this money they had to make austerity budgets that have caused riots in their countries. This is the same future that America will face if lower deficits are not put in place. Austerity budgets would be even worse than the cuts that you need to make now. By not having a reasonable compromise on deficit spending, America will be faced with bankruptcy. Time is running out to make the right changes, regardless if some people have to take less payments in their entitlements. The tax income cannot support your future obligations, so there is no other choice than to reduce these payments, and have less paid for wars that you cannot afford. Pray that these issues are truthfully addressed without further mortgaging your children’s future.”