Tuesday, April 22, 2008

Jesus said: “My people, as I was about to go back to My Father in heaven, I was preparing My apostles to wait for the Holy Spirit to empower them in evangelizing all nations to a belief in My words. My apostles were very excited to see Me after My Resurrection, but now they had to realize that they would not be seeing Me anymore in the flesh. My faithful of today have already received Confirmation with the Holy Spirit, and I call you also to evangelize all the nations. I give My peace and graces to you so you will have the strength to accomplish your mission. Rejoice as My apostles did, because it is so important to spread the Word of My Good News of salvation to all of the people.”
Jesus said: “My people, this car crashing is a sign that you could have trouble keeping your cars running if you do not have enough gasoline to run them. If fuels become too expensive or become in short supply, this could drastically affect how your people eat and travel. There are not enough alternate fuel supplies available to replace all of the gasoline that is currently being used. Other means of travel may come back to horse and buggy if cars and trucks no longer have any fuel, or if there are cut backs to limit the burning of fossil fuels. The hay falling off of the buckboard in the vision represents an increasing shortage of enough food to feed the world. Poorer crop yields from not enough water, and various insect damage could lead to famines in various parts of the world. As deserts grow larger, fresh water becomes scarce, and farm land decreases due to building new homes, then there will be less farm land to provide for the food of the world. Good farm land is being used for the wrong reasons, and America may see food shortages from this as a result. Pray for the food and water that you will need, and for the food that will need to be multiplied for your survival.”