Tuesday, April 17, 2012

Tuesday, April 17, 2012:
Jesus said: “My people, you are still celebrating My Resurrection as My Easter people. You are realizing the importance of My death and Resurrection as now souls are able to come to heaven once they have been tried in this life and most have been purified in purgatory. I love all of My souls so much, and I provide everyone an opportunity to be saved by My ransom of souls. Only I could provide the worthy sacrifice for all of your sins. Now you can show Me your love in your Masses, prayers, and donations of charity in money and your good works. By your donations to the missions and your own food shelves, you are sharing your wealth with the poor much like the Early Christians who shared their money in common. I have given you many gifts, and your charity donations show your love for Me and your neighbors. Many of the accounts in the Scriptures give you good example of how to lead a good Christian life. The good works that you do, can balance off any reparation due for your sins at your judgment.”

Jesus said: “My people, you know how dangerous it is to be in a swampy area that has snakes and alligators. This is just a sign in nature how there are dangers in both the physical and the spiritual worlds. You are living in an evil age where the demons are holding on to people in their addictions. This is why people are addicted to alcohol, pornography, and even computer programs on the internet. Evil takes many forms, but the worst is the taking of life in your abortions. Without any immigrants coming in, America’s birth rate would cause a decrease in your population. Some of your people are using birth control, contraceptives, and pills as a means of not having many children that would interfere with their lifestyles of pleasure. You need to call on My help and that of My angels to protect you from the temptations of the devil. You are in a daily battle of good and evil, so keep praying and wearing your blessed sacramentals for protection from the evil ones.”