Tuesday, April 15, 2008

Jesus said: “My people, you are reading accounts of My Early Church and how My disciples had to suffer much persecution, and actually had to hide in order to save their lives. All of My apostles, except St. John, had to suffer martyrdom, but they are all in heaven with Me for their being faithful to Me, even under the threat of death. Some of My disciples chose to suffer great torture rather than give up their faith. Even today I do not know how many would be willing to suffer death instead of giving up their faith. In the coming tribulation you will be persecuted severely again. You will be tested with giving up your wealth and possessions if you do not take the mark of the beast or a computer chip in your body. Refuse to take any chips in your body, and refuse to worship anyone but Me. Eventually, the evil ones will even want to kill you in death camps if you are religious and believe in following Me. Following Me has its costs in this life, but your reward in heaven is a far better reward than any earthly loss.”
Jesus said: “My people, it is not too often that you have the Pope in Benedict XVI come to visit your country. He comes at a time when the priest scandal is still fresh in your memory. The Pope is trying to heal the wounds of any lost trust in the priesthood all over America. Your Catholic faithful need some leadership in how to move on after this scandal. In addition to this problem, there is a declining membership, and churches and schools are being closed. The Pope is in your country to rally the faithful and put new life back into the Roman Catholic Church in America. Join with him in these rallies to rekindle the Light of faith so My people of America can repent of their sins and come closer to your Lord. You are approaching a time of evil when you will need all of the spiritual strength that you can gather. I am with you always in My Blessed Sacrament to bring you to your reward in My Era of Peace.”