Tuesday, April 10, 2012

Tuesday, April 10, 2012:
Jesus said: “My people, Mary Magdalene was crying over My death, but she did not recognize Me in My glorified Body. When I called out her name, she then knew who I was. This is an example to My faithful that you should work on having a personal love relationship with your Lord. If you do not pray to Me or worship Me on Sundays, how am I going to recognize you at your judgment? Do not wait until your deathbed to start learning about Me. You are placed on this earth to know, love, and serve Me, and not to ignore Me. I am your Creator and Lord of your life, so you need to show Me your love if you want to come to heaven. I have shown My love to all of you by dying for your souls on the cross. You need to give Me thanks and love Me for all that I have given you. You have life, air to breathe, sun to see things, and I gave you talents to obtain what you need. You also have My unconditional love despite your sins. Wake up and realize that only by asking for My forgiveness and allowing Me to be the Master of your life, can you be ready for coming to heaven. You would much prefer to be with the One who loves you in heaven, than be with the one who hates you in the flames of hell.”

Jesus said: “My people, there is a lesson in how some flowers only last for a few weeks. This is true also in your current budget deficits. The plan to raise more taxes will not even cover most of the current deficits. Even if your Health Care Law gets by the Supreme Court, the current estimates are for a large increase in cost over the original plan. Your Congress and your President are not making any serious plans to have a balanced budget. Instead of promising more giveaways, it is time to be serious about limiting the largest growing cost which is the rate of increase in your entitlement expenditures. Unless these increases are addressed, your budget deficits will get larger, and even threaten bankruptcy. Some European countries are facing austerity budgets to control their spending. This is because the banks that finance these countries’ debts are asking higher interest rates for riskier loans. In America your Federal Reserve is financing most of your debt, yet they are keeping interest rates at near 0%. This gives no incentive to lower your debt. If the Federal Reserve threatened higher interest rates if your deficits continued, then you also would be forced into austerity budgets. This is why the interest rates are artificially low, and the Federal Reserve is putting more credit into circulation with worthless bonds that are paying for your debt. This is also why a crash of your dollar could come at any time when other countries stop using the dollar as a reserve currency. Be prepared to come to My refuges when the euro and the dollar crash.”