Tuesday, April 1, 2008

Jesus said: “My people, you continue to see violence and wars continue among nations and ethnic and religious groups. Some are profiting from making weapons, while others are being killed by these weapons. Mankind needs to look more into your cold hearts for a change of heart to find love and peace, instead of anger and war. Do not let the evil ones trick you into more useless wars which only cause more hatred than bring any winners. The only peace of any consequence is My peace which is everlasting. The Light at the end of the tunnel is My Light when I will come in victory over all of these evil ones. At that time all evil spirits and evil people will be chained in hell, and I will renew the earth and bring about My Era of Peace when there will be no more wars. This time is truly coming and My faithful are hungering for this day because you are tired of evil having its way now. Trust in Me that I will not allow this evil to continue on much longer. Pray for human hearts to change and be converted before it is too late and they could be lost in hell. All who seek fame and money through war are headed for the great abyss of My justice.”
Jesus said: “My people, each year that you come to your birthday, especially as you grow older, you are thankful that you made it through another year of your life. You may even wonder how many more years that you have left. One thing is for sure that you cannot guarantee that you will have even one more year, or even another hour before I may call you home. Life is a gift, and you need to treasure every new day in your life as another opportunity to praise Me, love Me, and serve Me. There are many people that are presumptuous that they will live on to an old age, and they do not want to think of the day that they are going to die. As for My disciples, you are not ready to live, until you are ready to die each day. This means that you should keep your soul pure with frequent Confession so you are always ready to meet Me at your judgment. I have another word for those who are still living. You are alive because your mission in life is not yet completed. Call on Me daily to affirm the mission that you should be carrying out for Me by using your talents for My service. So every time, that you celebrate someone’s birthday, think about these thoughts as you live one more year as well to your own birthday. Love Me and your neighbor in all of your day’s actions.”