Thursday, September 25, 2008

Jesus said: “My people, in the first reading you see how there is nothing new under the sun, yet many are drawn to see the latest news from the TV or newspapers. Your news media is controlled and censored by the one world people to tell you only what they want you to know. Even at times they give you false information so you will not know the truth of their bad deeds. Even in this latest rush by Wall Street and your leaders to make a bailout, they want to take more money from the taxpayer to bail out the bankers’ bad loans that they are trying to unload on anyone they can. There is no promise that this will fix the losses, or how the bailout money will be managed. You know when a salesman rushes you to buy something that they may be hiding something that they do not want you to know. In the same way the one world people are not letting you know that this is only the beginning of how much is needed to solve your banking crisis. This is all part of bringing your country into bankruptcy, and the quicker they steal your money, the quicker they can take over. Beware that this crisis will not be solved, and this donation from the taxpayer will only postpone your inevitable insolvency as a country. Pray that your Congress will not continue this theft from the taxpayer just to save the bad loans of the rich.”
Prayer Group:
St. Michael said: “I am Michael, and I stand before God. A while back I asked you to obtain a statue of St. Gabriel so you could have all three archangels for your Adoration of Jesus. I realize that you made some attempts to obtain one, but I am grateful for your prayer group member for remembering to bring this statue of St. Gabriel tonight. It is timely that you now have all three statues of us archangels right before our feast day on September 29th. I heard your petition to protect your churches from Satanic attacks. Our Lord has appointed us to stand guard over His Eucharistic Hosts.”
Jesus said: “My people, you should be more aware of the evil inspired people that will be continuing to threaten your churches. Some have broken in to damage or steal statues, and even try to steal the Eucharistic Hosts for black masses. As these attacks become more blatant, you may have to increase your security to prevent this vandalism.”
Jesus said: “My people, you are in a daily battle to fight the temptations of the devil. When you are being tested, you should know to call on My Name to put him out of your mind. Also, call on My angels to give you the strength to fight the demons, even as I had many angels attend Me in My temptations. Teach your children to recite the St. Michael Prayer against the demons as an exorcism prayer. Keep your blessed sacramentals as your St. Benedictine Crosses on you at all times as protection against the demons. Blessed salt and holy water are also helpful to put around your car and house for protection.”
Jesus said: “My people, many misdeeds of fraud and greed for commissions were quietly being performed in the dark in secret. Now your bright lights of the media and your investigators are looking into those who were responsible for the bad loans and bad risks being taken that have jeopardized your banking system. It is one thing to hold responsible parties accountable for their bad deeds, but it is another to see these predators rewarded with millions of dollars in their being let go. Even if judgment does not fall on them in this life, they will be accountable to Me in their judgment at death.”
Jesus said: “My people, you have seen investors were only too quick to create leverage upon leverage in making derivatives that used the backing of homes because they were gaining in great value for awhile. Once houses started being foreclosed and their value decreased, all of these derivatives lost value and they are now threatening to bring down your financial system. This may appear innocent on the surface, but the one world people have purposely overextended credit to risky loans with the intention of causing a national bankruptcy. This would create chaos and riots which will be their excuse for having martial law and a takeover of your government. You will see continuous bailout maneuvers until your central bankers will declare your country bankrupt. Then they will establish a new world order with the amero as your new currency under the North American Union. It will be at this time of martial law that you will need to leave for My refuges to have My protection from the evil ones.”
Jesus said: “My people, as you are seeing a financial upheaval, many are concerned about what to do with their finances. Once you see the need to go to My refuges, your money will not do you any good because you will need a microchip for all of your future transactions. Until you leave, just be prudent in your money uses. While your money can be used, you can buy some things to take to the refuges. Your spiritual lives are the most important and concern to protect yourself from the evil ones is more important than your possessions and money which you will leave behind. Trust in Me to guard your souls and provide for your earthly needs.”
Jesus said: “My people, changing your country’s decision favoring abortion is not totally impossible if you have enough people praying that it be overturned. My Blessed Mother told you if there were enough rosaries being prayed that your country could be abortion free. You have this 40 day vigil of prayer to stop abortion, and My faithful need to support this effort with your prayers and fasting. If America does not repent and offer up enough prayer to stop abortion, then you will see your country taken over as a punishment for your killing of My babies.”
Jesus said: “My people, you are focused on this coming election and now even your debates are threatened by your latest financial crisis. This crisis will continue on and off and it could even postpone your election and installation of your next president. Plans for a takeover could be implemented at any time. Pray for My protection in all of the problems that you will be facing.”