Thursday, September 1, 2011

Thursday, September 1, 2011:
Jesus said: “My people, I mentioned in previous messages how My miracles helped My apostles to believe in My mission, and later they realized that I was the Messiah or the Christ. In today’s Gospel from St. Luke, you saw St. Peter, St. John, and St. James leave their work as fishermen to follow Me after they witnessed the miraculous catch of many fish. They were acquainted with Me for awhile, but now My apostles have made their full commitment to be My disciples. In Mark’s Gospel I called the same apostles while they were at shore mending their nets. As My disciples saw more and more of My miracles, this strengthened their faith in My mission. Even though My apostles heard My explanations of My parables and witnessed My miracles, they still did not fully understand My mission. When I told them that I must die and be resurrected on the third day, they were in disbelief. It was only after My Resurrection and My gift of the Holy Spirit that they understood My suffering was meant to save all of mankind from their sins. This is why faith is a gift, and it cannot be reasoned by only human knowledge. Only by My help and that of My Father and the Holy Spirit can My people believe that I am the Son of God to show everyone the way to heaven. I taught My apostles to be fishers of men and women, and I also give this same gift of evangelization to all of My faithful. I call all of you to go out to all the nations to bring souls to Me in conversion. Your reward will be great in heaven for following My words.”

Prayer Group:
Jesus said: “My people, many billions of dollars have been spent on the wars in Afghanistan, Iraq, and now in the Middle East. Now America has been brought to its knees with over $39 billion of natural disaster destruction throughout the year. Money is now needed to repair roads and bridges from Hurricane Irene’s damage. There is a cry of who is more deserving of aid from your Treasury. These questions may cause a change in who decides what priorities are more important. Wars are self-inflicted, but disasters need immediate repair without question.”

Jesus said: “My people, you have seen people in New England suffering from major flooding that has stopped electricity to millions, and roads that were washed out. Many are offering their services to repair roads, bridges, and power lines, but it will take time and money that is scarce for disasters. Even food and water had to be brought in by helicopter in remote areas. Pray for these people and send donations where you can.”

Jesus said: “My people, even when you see storms coming to areas that normally do not have them, people were still putting themselves at risk when they should have evacuated. Your people are now realizing that even category 1 or 2 hurricanes can still cause a lot of rain damage. This experience may help people to evacuate more quickly when others are threatened. The cumulative effect of one disaster after another is stressing your first responders and the money it takes for repairs. Pray not only for the victims of your disasters, but also pray for those who risk their lives to save others.”

Jesus said: “My people, you have some distressed areas where tornadoes and floods have destroyed some schools. In these cases it may take longer to rebuild schools and find room for temporary school rooms. It is in these situations that the local people are pulling together to restore their towns to normal life. Give these areas credit for working to save their towns and their way of life. Some areas may need to call on others to help them. Even other states have been willing to send what help and aid that they can.”

Jesus said: “My people, when you see record numbers of tornadoes and deaths from them, you think this is one isolated instance. Then you see earthquakes in unusual places, and hurricanes in unusual places, and now there seems to be a message in these events. Americans are still killing millions of unborn babies in abortion, killing old people with euthanasia, and are now encouraging homosexual marriages. These crimes against My laws are demanding My justice, and nature is even reacting to your increasing sinful behavior. The violence of your crimes is now being mirrored in the violence of these natural disasters. Pray for all of these sinners so My hand of punishment will be lifted from you.”

Jesus said: “My people, many of you are feeling frustrated with your stagnant economy and continuing high unemployment. Even with continuing time, there is little hope to see any improvement in your economy. Many of your poor decisions are causing the massive deficits in your government. If some needed changes are not made quickly, then truly you could see a crash of your financial system bring an end to America. Pray that your leaders can correct your bad spending habits in order to balance your budget.”

Jesus said: “My people, your problems with evil are only going to get worse before I bring an end to the Antichrist’s reign. This is why I have been preparing you for My refuges where you will be protected from the evil ones. You will be seeing an evil worse than you have ever seen before with much killing directed by Satan and the Antichrist. You are about to see a battle of good and evil that will end with My victory over evil. Trust in My help and protection as you will be enduring your purgatory on earth. For those, who are faithful to Me, they will see their reward in My Era of Peace and in heaven.”