Thursday, October 8, 2009

Jesus said: “My people, this vision is a picture of your rapid activity while you busy yourselves with many errands. At times you are doing deeds in helping people, but the rest of the time you are taking your kids to events, fixing your cars or homes, getting groceries, going to the bank, or mailing things. Your lives are running at a fast pace, but you need to make some quiet time each day for prayer and an appreciation of My creation. I need to be a part of your every day. If you cannot find 20-60 minutes for Me in your whole day, then you are doing too much, and you need to slow down and limit your activity from too many make work jobs. See if you could limit your shopping, or your kids’ activities. You do not have to keep going every minute. Too much stress in your lives is causing heart attacks and cancer, or other nerve problems. This is why I have asked you in the past to slow down and live a more simple lifestyle without so much activity. When you make some quiet time, it gives you a chance to contemplate on where you are in your spiritual life, and if you are ready to meet Me at your judgment. You can think also how you can improve your actions in being good examples, instead of being impatient or angry with people. At times you may be critical of people who are too slow in your eyes, but you need to accept everyone for who they are, and not just copies of yourself. Love My creation, love Me, and love your neighbor, but if you do not allow time for these things, then you will be passing up these opportunities in your life.”
Prayer Group:
Jesus said: “My people, I want to thank Jerry for his love in adorning My altar with his flowers that are exquisite in color and shape as I created them. I have mentioned in other messages how beautiful nature is in witnessing My beautiful creations. Even as these flowers express the beauty that they bring forth, My faithful also can bloom into beautiful creations that worship and adore Me. Spreading your faith by sharing My Word of conversion is the most beautiful use of your gifts.”
Jesus said: “My people, whether people come to a funeral or a wedding, it is a grateful touch for the host to send out thank you cards for those who shared their love for the deceased or for a newly married couple. It is a lot of work to prepare a feast for either occasion, and a person’s presence is always appreciated. I am preparing a wedding feast in heaven for all of My faithful, and you are all cordially invited. Once you taste of My dinner, you will be thanking Me and praising Me for allowing you to enter.”
Jesus said: “My people, having electricity coming into your house is a wonderful invention that enables you to have light, heat, and all of your electronic devices working. Without this energy coming to the house, none of your electrical devices would work. Even the sun, that I created, brings light and warmth to the earth so you can live. I also am the One who puts the spark of life into your bodies with your soul as the life force. For all of these sources of power and spirit that are a part of your life, give Me praise and glory that you can experience life itself.”
Jesus said: “My people, many of you travel by plane and train, but you may not realize the history and effort that was required to give you these forms of transportation. Man’s inventive skills and production have given you these means of travel. You also need skilled pilots and engineers to run these means of travel. Once you arrive safely, give thanks for all of those who made it possible for you to travel to your destination. It is also helpful to you that you are able to share your faith over a wide area by flying to your meetings. Give Me thanks also for bringing you back and forth safely in your work.”
Jesus said: “My people, there are many people working behind the scenes that help bring about great shows because of their planning. In many of life’s events there are more players behind the actors that make things happen. Be thankful for all the skills of those who support all of your entertainment shows. I am working with My angels behind the scenes as all of My faithful are acting out their lives. Give thanks again to Me for all that I enable you to accomplish.”
Jesus said: “My son, I thank you for all of your sharing of your blessed sacramentals and books with the people at your meetings. Many appreciate receiving My Word and the rosaries to help them in their faith and prayers. You are My prayer warriors that inspire others to pray and prepare for Confession. Continue to provide these helps for the people in how to pray the rosary leaflets, rosaries, Divine Mercy sheets, and Confession preparation sheets. Prayer and the forgiveness of sins are greatly needed in everyone’s spiritual life.”
Jesus said: “My people, I am ever grateful to those who share My Word of love to all those that are searching for My peace in their souls. I love all of My children so much that I died for your sins so you could be saved. I am a Light that emanates love to every soul that seeks My love. Once you are acquainted with My love, I want to establish an everlasting love relationship with you. Love can only be shared if the loved ones return their love to Me. So come to Me out of love because I am like the Father of the Prodigal Son who awaits to hold you in My arms. For you were lost and now you are found in My love.”