Thursday, October 4, 2007

Prayer Group:
Jesus said: “My people, this vision of Me living and suffering before you is a special meaning for the people to be able to remember how I suffered for your sins.  In every Mass you offer the sacrifice of the Mass which is a remembrance of My suffering and death on the cross.  Be thankful and help your priest in any way to have a crucifix placed on your altar.  You have been praying for this for many weeks and now it will be carried out.”
Jesus said: “My people, many people are dying from various wars and you are seeing the poor suffering from diseases.  Your Iraq War and other wars could be stopped if there were some true compromises made between the various fighting factions.  Without prayer and a desire for peace, these wars will continue.  The sick and diseased people of the world need donations for medicines and hospitals.  It is better for the billions of dollars that you spend on war to be used in helping the poor and the sick of the world.”
Jesus said: “My people,  in many foreign lands there have been many discoveries of oil.  It is unfortunate that the people of these countries do not directly benefit from the value of their natural resources that the oil companies are trying to extract for cheap prices.  Instead of exploiting the oil from foreign lands, these oil companies should be paying these people a fair value for its worth.  This is also a problem even in America where oil wealth is not shared with the people or with the owners of these oil properties.  Pray for an equitable sharing of wealth when it comes from your natural resources of the country.”
Jesus said: “My people, I have mentioned before how your army could do more to inactivate these bombs to limit the destruction and killing of your troops.  Instead the answer of your military-industrial complex is to build much heavier and more expensive armored trucks to stop this killing.  Using overkill expensive bombs and vehicles has been the whole reason for wars in general so the rich could profit from manufacturing these weapons and vehicles.  Take money incentives out of these wars and there would not be any profit in war, nor need for wars.  Pray that the American people will wake up to this fact of these useless wars and you would have less losses of life and the billions spent on wars.”
Jesus said: “My people, the prices for the farmers’ crops have been artificially low to benefit those industries that process this food.  You have accepted foreign, cheap food of questionable quality, and have allowed them to enter your markets so the farmers cannot get a fair price for their crops.  The seed, fertilizer, and harvest machines are becoming too expensive for farmers to make a living when prices are held low.  This food production is needed for the American people to eat, and the farmers should not be forced out of business by your cut throat rich who try to exploit their produce.”
Jesus said:  “My people, you are seeing some banks trying to support and bail out some mortgage houses.  Many of your foreclosures and mortgage problems are being spread among your banks and investors who gambled in greed to profit from the building boom and low interest rates.  If your banks and investors come up short in this crisis, you may see another taxpayer bailout of the rich.  Pray for the poor to keep their homes.”
Jesus said: “My son, you have seen many people touched by your missionary efforts in bringing them closer to Me.  You have taught them how to use their prayers, holy water, blessed salt, and sacramentals to fight the evil ones causing evil in the world.  Give thanks to Me and My angels in assisting your work.  Some are building and providing for refuges right now, and it is important to pray for them in their work.  Give thanks to Me for giving the discernment to these people to build these refuges so My faithful will have somewhere to go during the tribulation.  When you see martial law and mandatory chips in the body, My faithful will also be grateful to these refuge builders for providing a place of safety with My angel protection.”