Thursday, October 30, 2008

Jesus said: “My people, I lamented over Jerusalem in today’s Gospel (Luke 13:31-35), but I noted how they killed the prophets before Me and they would kill Me as well. This vision of a nest is how I wanted to take the people under My wing to lead them to My Father in heaven. This is how much I loved My people and all of mankind that I would even lay down My life for all of you. In this same reading it talks of how the house of Jerusalem will be abandoned, which is a prophesy of the destruction of Jerusalem. These same words could be applied to America in more modern terms. There is an ongoing persecution of Christians when you stand up against abortion and against homosexual marriages. The morality of your society worsens every day with even proposals to make prostitution legal. Your court system wants to legalize all that is sinful, and America will also be abandoned when the one world people take you over with martial law. You will pay for all of your sins when the evil ones will take away all of your rights, and they will try to kill all of those refusing to take chips in the body and those refusing to worship the Antichrist. Pray for My protection in this coming tribulation.”
Prayer Group:
Jesus said: “My people, these masonic symbols over the Presidential Seal is an indication how almost all of your Presidents have been masons. It also means that no matter who is elected, they will be controlled by the one world people. If the President refuses to follow their plan, then that person is risking their lives. The plan of the one world people is to bankrupt America and replace your dollars with a new currency called the ‘amero’ which will be the common currency for the North American Union. America’s days as a nation are numbered, as soon you will see a martial law takeover when everyone will lose their money.”
Jesus said: “My people, I have given you messages how you would lose everything when you need to go to My refuges for protection. Many did not want to hear about such messages because many are in love with their money. Now that people have been hit in their pocketbooks and have lost a fair amount of their wealth, they are looking more into the truth of these messages on the bankruptcy of America. Once there is a changeover to the amero, many will lose even more money. When the evil takeover is near, it will not matter about your money or your house, because you will have only what you can carry. Protection of your soul and body from the evil ones is far more important than any losses of temporal wealth. Trust in My protection instead of trusting in your money or possessions.”
Jesus said: “My people, you have been spoiled with your comforts for so many years. You have forgotten how difficult it is to live off of the land in a rural setting. Living a rustic and simple life of prayer is very close to living a monastic life of prayer. Living at a refuge will force you to detach yourself from worldly things and make you think more of Me and your survival.”
Jesus said: “My people, it would be a good practice for My faithful to visit a refuge or a farm to see what it is like to live this simple life with Me and nature. I will be providing what you need, but you will need to eat and work as if you were living independently. You have practiced what to take in your backpacks. Now you need to experience what living during the tribulation will be like.”
Jesus said: “My people, when you are at a refuge, you will have to live without electricity. This means that you may have to cut up wood for heat, pump water from a well, and process some deer for food. These jobs and many more will require the skills of all of those living at the refuge. Those, who do not work, should not eat, even as the Early Christians lived in communities. It will be My angel protection that will protect you from the evil ones who will try to kill you.”
Jesus said: “My people, I have given you instructions on how to store some extra food and water for the end times. When your money is worthless, your food will have much more value. You will also be dependent on chips to buy food, but I will multiply your food for those that you will share your food with. Have no fear and share whatever you have with each other. Pray also that you will be calm throughout this trial of the tribulation.”
Jesus said: “My people, you all have some favorite saints that you like to prayer to for favors and special intentions. All Saints’ Day is a special reminder of how much you are indebted to the saints as intercessors for your prayer intentions. Some saints have given their lives for their faith, and their lives are models of holiness to imitate. These saints are showing you that with My help, you could strive to be a saint in order to enter heaven. Call on the saints to help you on your path to sainthood, and you will rejoice one day when you have your reward in heaven.”