Thursday, October 23, 2008: (St. John of Capistrano)

Jesus said: “My people, I mentioned in today’s Gospel how everyone would not receive My message of love and obedience to My Commandments with the same fervor. Within one’s household you could see some strong in the faith, while others could be lukewarm. This is why you could find differences or division in a family among each person’s view on religion. It is one thing to believe or not, but there is even a harder decision to make about the coming end times. I have warned you not to take a computer chip in the body, and not to worship the Antichrist. I am also warning you not to follow New Age teachings, and that sexual sins are always mortal sins. The most difficult decision that could divide families is when you see the signs of world famine, division in My Church, mandatory chips in the body, and martial law, then you need to call on Me to have your guardian angels lead you to the nearest refuge. Leaving your home and possessions behind is so the evil ones do not take you off to be killed in the death camps. My protection is always with you, but be open to My refuges, or you could be martyred for your faith. Those, who will be martyred, will become instant saints.”
Prayer Group:
Jesus said: “My people, in this scene of facing a firing squad, could each of you stand up to this group and declare that you still believe in Me, knowing that only if you deny Me could you spare your life? This life and death decision of choosing Me over your life is what has made many martyrs into saints. During the coming tribulation this experience could be a real life experience for many Christians. Have no fear of any trials that you will face because My help is just a prayer away. By calling on My help, you will be led to a refuge that is protected by My angel.”
Jesus said: “My people, compared to saving your soul and finding a safe place at a refuge, these earthly concerns of wealth or an election outcome are of less significance. Fortunes are made and lost in your stock market as you go through up and down markets. In these earthly markets you are at risk to either gain or lose. Losses should come as no surprise in economic downturns. So do not be so attached to your wealth that it controls your life. You make prudent choices in life and in your spiritual life. Let your spiritual priorities carry more weight over any earthly concerns. By being faithful to Me, you will find your reward in heaven.”
Jesus said: “My people, today you are seeing mandated microchips being forced on you in your passports and soon in all of your drivers’ licenses. The next mandate by your government will be a mandatory chip in your body. I have told you many times to refuse such a chip in your body, even if you are threatened with death. This is why I am preparing My faithful to come to My refuges so you can avoid the evil ones trying to implant chips in your bodies. During your Warning experience of a life review, you will be warned not to take this microchip in the body. The microwave antenna in the vision is how the evil ones will send messages to the chips in the body, and they will control the minds of all who have accepted these chips, and they will become like robots. These mind control chips will all become dormant when I send My chastisement on the world. I will break the bonds of the evil ones, but My justice will be carried out against the evil people.”
Jesus said: “My people, you well remember in your history books when Hitler wanted to exterminate the Jews and all those who refused to follow his dictatorial rule. You thought this horror of killing innocent civilians would never happen again, yet you are seeing another holocaust going on throughout all of your abortion clinics across your land. You are killing over a million babies every year, but where is the outcry over this injustice. It is due in part to your abortions that your country will be taken over. The tribulation of evil described in the Book of Revelation is how many Christians and patriots will be exterminated in the same kind of death camps that Hitler used, only they are already present across America. Be prepared for these ruthless killings again because you failed to stop your abortions.”
Jesus said: “My people, once you see by My signs to you that it is time to leave for My refuges, then call on My help and I will have your guardian angels lead you by a physical sign to the nearest refuge. While you are traveling to your refuge, My angels will make you invisible so anyone trying to capture you, will not be able to do so. None of their detection devices will work. Give praise and thanks to your Lord who is telling you now how I will protect you.”
Jesus said: “My people, you remember well the chaos and looting that went on in New Orleans after Hurricane Katrina struck. You also remember the race riots in the 1960s. When societal laws break down because of financial disasters, power outages, or natural disasters, it will be hard to restore order when people will need water and food to survive. It will be during such a chaotic situation that you will see a military takeover of your nation. Order will only come as the one world people’s new world order will force chips in the body to control your buying and selling. My faithful will be protected in their refuges from the evil ones, and I will provide you shelter, food, and water, so have no fear.”
Jesus said: “My people, refuge living will be like communal living with My angels providing for your needs. You will be helping each other by using your own skills to prepare food and lodging. You will find much more time for prayer to keep rooted in your faith and thank Me for all that I will provide for you. You will have daily Communion either by a Mass, or by My angels delivering My Hosts on to your tongues. Trust in Me and teach this trust to your children and your grandchildren.”