Thursday, October 22, 2009

Jesus said: “My people, I have given you many messages speaking of Myself as the ‘Light of the World’ where I disperse the darkness of sin. This vision of being right in the light tower can be likened to your being with Me after you have received Me in Holy Communion. At that moment you are intimately close to My Light and you are awed by My love and the grace of My Blessed Sacrament. Just as you could only view the light tower during the day because of the brightness of the light, so I shield My bright Light from you in Communion and at Adoration. If you felt the full power of My Presence, you could not survive the physical experience. I love all of you so much and My love goes out to you in My Light. Every time that you come to Me, it is like a new experience of love, even as every message that you receive is new and different from other times. Rejoice every time that you can experience My Real Presence because it is as if you were standing in heaven for a while. Continue to imitate My life in doing good deeds and your prayers, and you will be walking in My Light every day. When the day of My Era of Peace arrives you will see My Light disperse even the dark of night.”
Prayer Group:
Jesus said: “My people, you are getting some signs that the Swine Flu cases are increasing as many are taking the vaccine shots. It is going to be difficult to obtain truthful statistics from the media and the drug companies that will profit from making the vaccine shots. Of great concern is how to determine if the vaccine shots can prevent the predicted increases in deaths. Some are gambling that the prevention of the disease is better than any long term side effects from the shots. If the flu spreads more than usual, then people may have to wear masks and stay out of crowds. Building up your immune systems with Hawthorn, herbs, and vitamins may help fight off any severe cases. Pray that this disease does not get worse or more deadly. If many do die or quarantines are implemented, it may be time to go to your refuges early to be healed by the luminous cross and the spring water.”
Jesus said: “My people, you are seeing an increased amount of attacks against targets in Pakistan in addition to the ongoing war in Afghanistan. Your military leaders and your government are trying to determine a proper response and troop level for the war effort in Afghanistan. Some are pleased with the withdrawal of your troops from Iraq, but many troops may just go to another war. Pray for peace in this area so all of your troops could be sent home from these continuous wars.”
Jesus said: “My people, many have accepted that any new plan would cost nearly $1 trillion. The major debates are how this plan would be paid for and will it include a public government option to provide health insurance. Unless there is an honest and truthful way to pay for this plan, then any going forward would push your country into sure bankruptcy. Pray that some compromises could be found without increasing your National Debt.”
Jesus said: “My people, your media and the one world people are failing to tell you the truth about your current state of your economy. Many on Wall Street are cautiously optimistic that your recession is over, and they can continue on their old ways of taking unnecessary risks to make more money. The credit and unemployment numbers tell the real story. Some of your commodities are increasing in price as the dollar loses its value. If foreigners do not continue buying your treasury notes, then your Federal Reserve will buy them, and force monetizing your debt. This means that your money printing presses will be more active and it will further reduce the dollar’s value. Pray that you can stop the bankruptcy of America because this could precipitate your takeover and the North American Union replacing the dollar with the ‘amero’, stealing all of your wealth.”
Jesus said: “My people, those, who receive unemployment payments, welfare, Medicare, or Social Security, should be concerned where their checks are going to come from when these funds run out of money. You have too many hands receiving, and not enough people paying in to fund these mandated programs. As less workers are paying in and their wages are stagnant or decreasing, tax income will be less. The recession has cut incomes for all government levels and deficits are in your news constantly. Bailouts and Stimulus plans are making your finances even worse. You will be faced more with living on less as there is no way to fund your programs that are out of control. It is time that your people face reality and live more within your means than borrowing on your children’s future earnings.”
Jesus said: “My people, many want to point blame on others for all of your financial problems, but a better plan would be how to help each other manage through hard economic times. Those, who have money, could be helping the poor with donations to food shelves or giving jobs to those out of work. Charities are having harder times to get donations, but helping build houses or fixing up houses could be turned into neighborhood projects. Helping each other by learning people’s needs and soliciting help for them can put the needy in touch with those who could help even with physical work. When you help people out of love, you will see a reward in those that you helped.”
Jesus said: “My people, your churches have many outreach programs to help poorer sections in your town or city. With proper planning churches could help more in charity help and donations. See the need more than ever to reach out to people that are not being helped by your government programs. Pray that I will lead you to opportunities of doing good deeds for your needy neighbor.”