Thursday, October 21, 2010

Thursday, October 21, 2010:
Jesus said: “My people, in today’s Gospel I was telling the people that some of them would believe My message of love, but others would reject My words. I am all loving, and I love everyone, both the good and the bad. What was difficult for My listeners is when I asked them to love their enemies, and to share what they had with those who are poor or in need. I even encouraged My faithful to evangelize souls to save them from hell. Many have trouble with loving their enemies, forgiving those who harmed them, and sharing their means with others. It is those people who are against My words that will give My faithful resistance and could divide people. The devil also enhances any division by planting false teachers among My faithful to try and confuse the message of My faithful. Avoid those, who teach New Age or a false faith, and cleanse them from your members. If you can evangelize unbelievers, then accept them, but if they refuse to believe, then they are better to be left out of your faith community. Those, who love Me, are in My sheepfold, but those, who do not believe, will be scattered.”

Prayer Group:
Jesus said: “My people, there are only a few in control of your media on TV, radio, and in your newspapers. Your media is so censored and controlled because the owners can dictate what is said, or else your job is removed. You have an artificial political correctness that favors only a select number of liberal groups. Any negative comments on other groups, as Christians, does not seem to matter. As you see more persecution of Christians coming, this group will be singled out for attack as Hitler treated the Jews. Your freedoms will be diminishing as you are picked for persecution.”

Jesus said: “My people, many of the current Democratic office holders have been upset by the latest ‘tea party’ opposition to their politics. They cannot score points with a truthful debate, so they have resorted to dirty politics by creating scenes that are trumped up to make their opposition look bad. They infiltrate organizations with radicals to make the tea party groups appear in a bad light. The people can see through these dirty tricks, and they are supporting those in favor of reduced spending. This election year will be a turning point if America can be put back on the right track. Pray for the morally correct candidates to be elected.”

Jesus said: “My people, because of your low bank rates on deposits and the bank bailouts from the taxpayer, many banks are making record profits, while foreclosures continue and people are losing their homes. The banks are making big money at others’ expense. Your large corporations, after laying off thousands of workers, are also making huge profits from shipping jobs out of the country. The rich are getting richer, but the man in the street has less income and is getting poorer each year. This injustice will be repudiated when I return to cast the evil rich people into hell. Endure your trials for awhile until I can bring you into My Era of Peace.”

Jesus said: “My people, there are evil forces at work in your evil secret societies that are controlling all the governments of the world. Satan is directing the leaders of these one world groups because they worship Satan. This is why you are dealing with so much evil in your society starting with your many abortions. They direct your death culture, and they control your money sources. They direct what laws will be passed to continue their control. Do not judge these evil ones because My justice will come to them in the end.”

Jesus said: “My people, in the last Sundays after Pentecost you will see more readings of the end times that describe the coming Antichrist in the tribulation. Many Protestant groups talk of the end times in the Book of Revelation, but only a few priests are brave enough to talk about the end times. These end time readings are the preparations for the coming tribulation which I have given you in My messages. They are real and present to you as you see the signs all around you. You can have some Bible Study on the end time preparations so you will be ready to leave for My refuges of protection.”

Jesus said: “My people, every year you see many Halloween ugly costumes and trick or treat parties that seem to encourage witches and goblins. These are almost like evil rituals, but they use children and candy treats to make it sound appealing. Sharing some candy is one thing, but you do not have to encourage any evil influences. It is better to focus on All Saints’ Day than honor an evil feast day.”

Jesus said: “My people, every year in November you give proper respect to all of those who have died during the year. You have All Saints’ Day to honor those who have passed to heaven, and All Souls’ Day for those who may still be suffering in purgatory. When people die, do not assume that every soul goes directly to heaven. For the most part many souls require some purification in purgatory before they can come to heaven. This is another reminder to pray for any of your family members who still may need your prayers to get out of purgatory. Having Masses said for the deceased will help them the most. Also pray for the souls who do not have anyone to pray for them.”