Thursday, October 2, 2008: (Guardian Angels)

Mark (my Guardian Angel) said: “I am Mark and I stand before God. Give praise and thanks to God that He sends everyone an angel and some even more for your protection in this world that is beset by the temptations of the demons and Satan, himself. Even at Mass you could sense the presence of everyone’s angels. I have told you before that we are responsible for your first holy urging to pray and ask God’s help. It is the evil one who quickly follows with temptations of spiritual laziness to deny our urging. You do battle with such evil thoughts every day and we Guardian Angels are at your side to defend you. Through Jesus you can call on our help at any time. When you pray and ask for heavenly angel power to protect someone, more angels will be sent to help you, even as angels attended Jesus when He called on them. As you proclaim the message of Guardian Angels that will lead you to your refuges, this is truly another one of our special callings when we will lead you with a physical sign to a place of safety from the evil people trying to kill you. Trust in your Jesus, for you depend on Him for everything, and He will do the impossible for you in these end times.”
Carol’s angels: “We also stand before God and we acknowledge the same mission as Mark has told you which applies to all Guardian Angels. Some Guardian Angels are from the various nine choirs of angels and some have more power than others depending on the mission of a person in God’s plan. Some people have multiple angels from different levels for the purpose of these missions intended by God. If you have been given to know that you have multiple angels, do not consider yourself more important. God has a purpose for every angel helping you, and one angel may be from a higher choir that is at your side because your mission is more important. Again thank God for all that we do for everyone. This is another sign of how much God loves you that He sends us to guard you.”
Prayer Group:
Jesus said: “My people, under your town rules you are not allowed to burn trash in an outdoor fireplace. This represents how your government is also against the rules in burning up the taxpayer’s money to buy failed loan securities that have an unknown value. These bad loans are a result of decreased house values and non-performing loans that have been foreclosed. It is not right that taxpayers should have to pay for the greed of certain brokers and investment houses who made bad choices. Yet the one world people and the lobbyists control your Congress, and they are stealing this money from the people to bail out these bad loans. This will not solve your credit problem because this is just a down payment for the trillions of dollars of derivatives that have no market in which to be sold. These people will meet Me at their judgment and they will be judged harshly.”
Jesus said: “My people, there are many people listening to your presidential debates and different personalities who are portraying their views in how to lead your nation. There is one life issue on abortion that is not always highlighted because it is a divisive subject. But over and over I have stressed to you to vote for the candidates against abortion. Not much has been done to stop abortions, but you do not want to make it worse in your courts and laws. It is this inactivity to stop these abortion rulings that will weigh heavily against America for all of the babies that you have killed and are killing.”
Jesus said: “My people, you are seeing more and more of your factories closing and being relocated to Mexico and China. Your government in its ‘free trade’ policy is allowing your corporations to ship your jobs out of the country and avoid taxes and tariffs. Your government has no concern for your workers and then complains to pay the unemployed workers a brief low pay. It is the laws controlling taxes and tariffs that encourage these lost jobs. This is where you need to lobby your leaders for laws to protect your workers and discourage unfair competition. Pray that your can find jobs to support your families because your average pay is going down with each lost job.”
Jesus said: “My people, many of your industries, as the airlines, have had to suffer from higher fuel costs, and they have passed these costs down in more charges for handling luggage. Now many high priced products as cars are now suffering because of your credit crisis. As many companies fail and more layoffs occur, this will test your local and national governments to balance budgets with less income from taxes. Benefits to health and retired people could be at risk if deficits become too large. You are seeing a very real possible takeover of your government because of its debts and failure to meet its obligations. The one world people are pushing the North American Union to solve your problems, but this is a takeover and loss of your sovereignty rights. Trust in My help to protect you among all of this chaos.”
Jesus said: “My people, you know that today is the feast day of your Guardian Angels. I have sent angels to watch over you and to guide you on your path to heaven. They will defend you from demon attacks and they will help you to avoid falling victim to evil temptations. They will be better able to help you if you stay in the state of grace. By going to frequent Confession, you can keep in the state of grace.”
Jesus said: “My people, I thank you for every opportunity that you make to come to visit Me in Adoration or before My tabernacle. It is your prayers before Me that will gain you graces that you can apply against all of the sins of the world. Encourage your friends and family to come to Me in Adoration so they can be closer to Me in their contemplative prayer. Discern from Me how to best lead your lives in serving Me and making your life’s decisions.”
Jesus said: “My people, every year, once the weather turns colder, you have to deal with heating your homes. As your prices of fuel are fluctuating mostly higher, you now are paying more to heat your homes in addition to more cost for gas to drive your cars. As you see harder times and struggling incomes because of layoffs, more people will be strained in their budgets to pay for heating. Charity for food is one thing, but charity to keep homes warm will become more challenging. Pray that all of your people will find a way to afford this extra cost to heat your homes.”