Thursday, November 8, 2007

Jesus said: “My people, when you come to Mass, you come to your home with Me. Some of My children wander away from Me by the distractions of the world, but I am always searching for the lost souls to lead them back home to Me. The Gospel of My searching for the lost sheep is how I love each of you, and I do not want to see you without My grace and protection. The devil is constantly seeking the ruin of souls, even as I am trying to save them. Being with Me in My Blessed Sacrament should be your souls’s desire to love Me and let Me be your first priority in your life. When you miss Mass on Sunday and forget your daily prayers, you are wandering close to hell. Wake up spiritually and understand that you have only one soul, and you will answer for your life at your judgment. If you have love for Me and your neighbor, then I will welcome you into the joy of My Banquet in heaven. If you refuse to love Me and refuse to obey My Commandments, then I will not know you, and you will be thrown into hell where there will be the grinding and gnashing of teeth among the flames.” Prayer Group:  Jesus said: “My people, your country’s Constitution is over two hundred years old, but now your current president is threatening to undo all of your freedoms under the Constitution. In his claim for a ‘War on Terror’ he is preempting attacks on any country he pleases when the declaration of war should come from the Congress. He is allowing wire taps and invasions of private communications in the name of security and against your rights. The worst violation is a plan to form a North American Union that would take away all of your sovereign rights as a nation. He also writes Executive Orders that would allow him to cause martial law and to imprison Americans against his edicts. Pray for your country that is about to be taken over by this dictatorial rule and in violation of your Constitution.” Jesus said: “My people, many of your people are now facing higher fuel costs for gasoline in your cars and heating oil in your homes. Your supplies of oil are under constant threat of wars and weather that have driven prices to record levels. Your money’s value also has dropped due to your many deficits in your national budget and your balance of trade. Many of these debts are caused by your incessant wars and they are leading you into a fiscal collapse. It is the one world people’s plan to bankrupt you with these useless wars. Pray for an end to your wars and you would not have so many debts and deficits.” Jesus said: “My people, the one world people have not only exported your jobs to cheaper labor, but they have also exported much of your manufacturing by investing in other country’s plants. They are stripping your country of almost all heavy industry for so called profits, but this is another plan to destroy your middle class and your economy. By having little manufacturing, you will have less jobs and you will be dependent on other nations for finished goods. You do not have enough exports to pay for your oil and foreign cars and goods. This is a plan to destroy your country for a takeover. Your laws encouraging such a trend with free trade need to be changed to keep your home industries protected, or your dollar will soon be worthless.” Jesus said: “My people, I have talked about thoughts of death in this month of November, but you are also seeing the slow death of America as you know it as a free republic. The rich and the stockholders may make money on cheaper labor and cheap imports, but the lost jobs are lowering the average wage and requiring people to have multiple jobs just to survive. All of these trends are lowering your standard of living as you become more and more slaves of the rich. America’s fame and fortune are waning because of your abortions and your sinful lifestyles. Any loss of freedoms in America are coming as a punishment for your sins.” Jesus said: “My people, the Congress and your president have been fighting over stopping the funding of your Iraq War, but the gridlock over votes and vetoes is allowing this war to continue. It is the one world people and your defense industrial complex that are controlling these votes so they can make their war blood money. If the American people do not take their country back from these central bankers, you will soon be looking through the bars of a detention center waiting to be killed. Wake up to this imminent takeover before it is too late.” Jesus said: “My people, many of your prayer group from other parishes are pleased to see this crucifix in place after you have prayed your novena for this cause. I have told you that this would be brought about by My answer to your prayers. Prayer and trust in Me are very powerful in your prayer requests, especially when the souls of this parish will benefit from this inspiration of seeing My crucifix. Continue to support all of your pastors in preserving the traditions of your faith.” Jesus said: “My people, looking on My crucifix should be a sign of My love to all of mankind. I died for your sins and I want you to offer up all of your suffering and join it to Mine on your own cross. Another sign of My love is My gift of My Eucharist so you can have My Real Presence with you in Holy Communion and in Adoration of My Blessed Sacrament. You can return your love to Me in consecrating your life to Me, and giving Me thanks after Communion for all of My earthly and spiritual gifts to you. Give Me praise and worship everyday, and have faith and hope in My help in all of your needs.”