Thursday, November 6, 2008

Jesus said: “My people, today’s parable about the lost sheep in the desert is an inspiration to all of My faithful to reach out to save the lost souls from going to hell. This circular vision of life’s scenes represents the time of the Warning when all souls will be shown their sins and given their mini-judgment. You may have been praying for the lost souls in your family. This mercy of the Warning or illumination of conscience will offer the worst of sinners an opportunity to seek the forgiveness of their sins from Me. After the Warning My prayer warriors will have the best chance for saving souls and bringing people back to Confession and the sacraments. Even if these souls do not listen to your evangelization efforts now, keep praying that their hearts will be changed after their Warning experience.”
Prayer Group:
Jesus said: “My people, many are falling on hard times in losing jobs, benefits, decreasing home values, and losses on the stock market. In this recession you still need to help support My Church in proportion to your changed income. Many governments are receiving less revenue from taxes, so they are having to make cuts to balance revenue with expenses. Churches and charities also may have to make some cutbacks based on their decreased income. Everyone will be facing restrained budgets, so pray for your families so they can meet their limited expenses.”
Jesus said: “My people, those, who do not lose their jobs, may be tested with less pay due to cut hours, no overtime, and maybe reduced wage rates. Each family as a consequence may have to limit their budgets because of less income. This may mean that you will have to live a simpler life with less expensive vacations and spending less on discretionary items. You all will have to suffer the same pain, but those, who are better off, may have to help your family and friends for their bare necessities.”
Jesus said: “My people, your elections are over, but you must keep praying for your new President and Congress to do the right thing in leading your country through your financial problems and your war involvement in foreign countries. The one world people control each President with their own agenda. Pray that chips in the body will not be forced on you. You may be more persecuted for taking public stands against your society’s immoral actions. This will eventually result in your need to come to My refuges for protecting your souls.”
Jesus said: “My people, your people are willing to give your new President some time to turn things around, but your high expectations may not happen as quickly as you want. The one world people know that their evil time is limited, and they will be speeding up their efforts to bankrupt your country and implement chips to control you. Be prepared if they move to martial law based on a created crisis as your financial crisis with credit. Pray for My help when you will need to go to your refuges.”
Jesus said: “My people, in the coming tribulation you will be faced with many trials and quick decisions that will be needed to protect your life and soul from the evil ones. It will be very difficult to make these decisions on your own without consulting with My discernment for your soul. Do not be hasty in your decisions, but be willing to visit My Blessed Sacrament for My guidance. I will advise you based on what is best for your soul.”
Jesus said: “My people, in addition to praying for discernment, you need to carry your blessed sacramentals and blessed salt to protect you from the demons so they cannot find you. You will need your blessed sacramentals and My angels as your weapons against evil. Do not rely on guns for your protection, but trust in My leading you. Remember that you are dependent on Me for everything, so let Me go before you in your defense.”
Jesus said: “My people, make sure that you go to Confession frequently so your soul is always in the state of grace. This is good preparation for the day that you die, but it is also a good preparation for when you may face your Warning experience. If you have mortal sin on your soul, you could face a mini-judgment in hell with an experience of that environment. Being in the state of grace will go much better for you when you should face your judgment. So pray for the conversion of sinners and encourage all of your family and friends to go to frequent Confession for what lies ahead in your future.”