Thursday, November 5, 2009

Jesus said: “My people, in the Gospel I gave you the parable about the lost sheep that was found, and the woman finding a lost coin. Just as there was joy over finding that which was lost, so in heaven there is great rejoicing over even one repentant sinner. Again I gave the parable of the Prodigal Son, who after going through his inheritance, finally returned broke and hungry to his father. The father also rejoiced with a great feast because his son was lost, but now he was found. This is why staying close to Me by frequent Confession is the best preparation for when you will face Me at your judgment. Many souls have fallen away from their faith. This is why I am asking My faithful to pray for those souls that are away from Me and evangelize as many souls as you can by conversion or re-conversion. I am merciful and loving as the father of the Prodigal Son. I await your return to Me up until your last breath. But those, who refuse to repent of their sins and do not love Me, are risking the fires of Gehenna. Convert your soul now while you are still alive because it will be too late after your death. My mercy and graces await all souls who desire to answer My call to be a saint in heaven.”
Prayer Group:
Jesus said: “My people, today you can enjoy your beautiful traditional altars, but not for long. When the tribulation comes, you will need to have Mass in the homes and then at the refuges. Pray that you will have priests for your Masses, but your altars will be much more simple. Many of your young people have never even experienced a High Latin Mass with all of the Gregorian Chant. My angels will protect you from the evil ons and they will even bring you Communion if you do not have a Mass.”
Jesus said: “My people, I have told you that you will see many miracles performed at My refuges where your food, water, and even your shelters will be multiplied. Your prayers and blessed sacramentals will also be multiplied so you each will have your own protection from the evil ones. Rejoice that My angels will shield you from any of the evil one’s tricks and lies.”
Jesus said: “My people, some of your secret societies as the Masons are using their brotherhood for favors and places of authority in your general public. There is a monied elite who are controlling your governments and in turn are in control of your money and your debts. Once these people control the purse of your government, then they control what is demanded of your people in your laws and regulations.”
Jesus said: “My people, paper backed electronic voting machines are slowly being introduced into your voting booths. The learning curve could take some time, but it may also allow some computer people to gain control, and change the vote tally from its original count. If the vote can be more easily manipulated, then the new electronic machines may be a hindrance to good government. Your vote fraud could become even worse than your Acorn fraud.”
Jesus said: “My people, in your latest break up of some stock traders who were using insider illegal purchases, it should come as no surprise that most of those, who were caught, were also hedge trader managers. Your hedge trader groups of rich investors have very little regulation, and these were the people making all manner of derivatives which were the vehicles creating most of your banking crisis. Pray that your markets will correct their abuses so the rich cannot steal the money of your innocent investors.”
Jesus said: “My people, you have been acquainted with St. Faustina’s Divine Mercy Chaplet as a powerful prayer for healing illnesses, and converting sinners, even those near death. The picture of My Divine Mercy also has many promises associated with it. It is hard to fathom My infinite mercy and My unconditional love behind this mercy of My chaplet. You heard mention of My complete cleansing of all punishment due to your sins by fulfilling the requirements of the Divine Mercy Sunday. Take advantage of My grace and My mercy in bringing your soul to heaven.”
Jesus said: “My people, those, who adore My Blessed Sacrament, have a special place in My Heart because your devotion to Me is so real and sincere. You believe in My Real Presence in the Host, and those, who make special visits before Me, will have an abundance of My graces. When you are before Me in My Host, give Me your petitions for which souls need saving the most. I hear all of your prayers and I will direct you how best to save these souls because of the various prices required to save them. Make your consecration of all of your possessions to Me so you may be humble and not controlled by worldly things. Trust in My love and protection to offer salvation to all souls who desire heaven.”