Thursday, November 28, 2013

Thursday, November 28, 2013: (Thanksgiving Day)
Jesus said: “My people, you have many physical and spiritual gifts to be thankful for. Those, who have jobs and family, have great blessings. Pray for those people who are unemployed, homeless, and hungry. You could even give some donations to your local food shelves to help those who need food. When you think of all of your blessings, many times you take them for granted, but other people are not as fortunate as you are. Give praise and thanks to Me for all that you have. I look out for everyone’s basic needs, but people need to help themselves with what is needed, instead of just depending on handouts. The truly disabled need help, but those, who are capable, should be trying to find work and help themselves. Be thankful that you live in a free country with many opportunities to improve yourself. This may mean working at getting a good education so you can contribute to society. Many people need to work, and sometimes endure some trials in the workplace, in order to provide for their family’s food, shelter, and transportation. Families need to help each other in their basic necessities. If you can afford to share money and time with your neighbors, you can store up treasure in heaven. Do not just be concerned with your own needs, but look around to help your family, friends, and neighbors. When you help others, you can even be thankful that I give you such opportunities of grace. Again be thankful to Me for all that you are experiencing in this life.”