Thursday, November 25, 2010

Thursday, November 25, 2010: (Thanksgiving Day)
Jesus said: “My people, today is the day for a special thank you to Me for all that I have given you. You were fortunate to be born in America where you still have more freedoms than some countries. This vision of My creation in the forests is how you can thank Me for all the beautiful nature scenes around you. You have your life, your faith, and your beautiful family, if you are married with children. Your society is slowly drifting into a pagan style of living when people look down on marriage as unnecessary. I know many women can be independent financially with their own jobs, but living in marriage is also following My Commandments, compared to living together in a sinful environment. This is not just a casual opinion, but a moral lifestyle is much more expected of My faithful than living in fornication or in homosexual relationships. You should also be thankful for your job, if you have one, and all of your possessions. The best way that you could thank Me for My gifts is when you share your wealth with those who are poor, and to even share your faith in bringing souls to conversion. Your Thanksgiving Dinner is a pleasure for eating, but also it is a time to share your conversation with relatives and friends. You can also reach out to people by praying for their health and their needs. Thank you also for those who came to Mass to give Me thanks. I encourage all of you to share your love with Me and your neighbors.”