Thursday, November 17, 2016

Thursday, November 17, 2016: (St. Elizabeth of Hungary)
The Blessed Mother said: “My dear son, I want you to be at peace through all of the events that are about to take place. You trust in my Son’s grace to help and protect you. In the coming events many people will be frightened and upset because they have little faith in my Son. You are right in thinking that this coming year is a year of my Son’s justice. The evil of your world is so great that it will require my Son’s intervention because the evil ones are mocking and killing Christians. Yes, the Warning is coming, and it will shake all sinners to the core. This will be my Son’s last call to prepare everyone for the evil that will come in the Antichrist’s brief reign. It is also true that My faithful will need the protection of my Son’s angels at His refuges. So be at peace, my son, and do not fear, because my Son is allowing this test of all sinners. We will be with you and protect your people at your refuge. Just have faith in my Son, Jesus.”
Prayer Group:

Jesus said: “My people, you have had many messages about being prepared to come to My refuges when the tribulation starts. This message is about having your car in good repair so you will be able to travel to your nearest refuge. This means having good tires, and a good engine so you have dependable transportation. You also should have your bikes in good repair with pumped up tires so you have a backup transportation in case of an EMP attack, or if gasoline is not available.”

Jesus said: “My people of America, your new President is proposing an increase in infrastructure spending, and an increase in defense spending. These things are needed, but with reduced taxes, it may be hard to control your deficit on the National Debt. There will have to be some modification in your spending, and a retirement of programs that are no longer needed. This will create some resistance in reducing your socialist programs. Pray that your leaders will vote for the best budget to help your people and not just for private interests.”

Jesus said: “My people, it is a week after your election, and some people are still marching in protest of the latest election. There is increasing evidence that these protests are being purposely planned by the same people who caused problems at your President-Elect’s campaign rallies. The one world people are still trying to cause enough trouble to start a martial law. Pray that My angels will be instrumental in stopping any martial law. Trust in My power that is stronger than the evil ones.”

Jesus said: “My people, as you see an increase in the number of Warning messages, you are seeing a stronger case for the Warning to come soon because of this increase. Many people are not seeing how your children and your adults are being brainwashed by your socialist government leaders, and your socialist teachers in your schools and colleges. By removing My teachings from your schools and the workplace, you are going along with the atheist people. It is time now to put aside your politically correct thinking, and embrace My love and My ways in your society. Those people, who control your media and your school teaching, need to be changed back to God-fearing traditions that your country was founded on.”

Jesus said: “My people, now is the time to start putting prayer and My Name back into the public view. Do not let the atheists control you. You have freedom of speech and freedom of religion. Do not let the atheists and Muslims dictate your religious norms. If Muslims can pray anywhere, then Christians can express themselves as well. Stand up for your Constitutional rights, or they will be taken away. Pray for love and unity, but there should be a fair expression for everyone.”

Jesus said: “My people, your people have spoken out against your socialist policies of your current President, but now your prayers are needed for a smooth transition of power. Keep praying for the safety of your new President, and pray that martial law does not stop your new President from taking office. This was a Divine election, and it needs preserving with your prayers. You will be seeing a lot of political resistance to changing your government, but without a cleaning out of evil policies, your country will be punished.”

Jesus said: “My people, beware of any made up disturbances by left leaning organizations who are trying to steal your government from the people. Many of the seeming protests are being organized against the vote of your people. Pray that your police and military are willing to protect your laws and the will of the people. All of your violent protesters should be restrained and even jailed for crimes of destruction of property. If you cannot establish proper law and order, then you are allowing the anarchists to control you. Pray that these illegal damaging protests can be brought under control.”