Thursday, November 10, 2016

Thursday, November 10, 2016: (St. Leo the Great)
Jesus said: “My people, just as you are seeing a change in the seasons from fall to winter, so you will be seeing a big change in your government away from the socialism of your current President. This will happen as long as the one world people do not intervene with your President-Elect’s agenda. There will be turmoil with this change, and you need to pray that there is no violence. Even still, you will continue to see an increasing persecution of Christians. In the Gospel I told you that I would be rejected when I suffered on the cross. So My people will also have to suffer the coming tribulation before you will see your reward in My Era of Peace. Be ready to endure this trial as you are protected at My refuges. You know the Antichrist will be allowed a brief reign, but trust in Me because I will bring My victory over the evil ones, when they are cast into hell.”

Prayer Group:
Blessed Mother said: “My dear children, I am happy for America that all of your prayers from the heart were answered by my Son. You had faith in my Son, and He performed a Divine miracle, despite the fixed voting machines. You have a pro-life President-Elect, and you need to continue your prayers of thanksgiving for this outcome. You are seeing the power of my rosary again. Thank you for displaying my picture that has my quote: ‘Just have faith in my Son, Jesus.’ This picture was a victory for Louis Saia, and your President Bush. Now, it is another victory for your President-Elect Trump.”

Jesus said: “My people, every year you struggle to rake up the leaves from your trees. This is the price of having nice trees in your yard, but the trees also add to the oxygen at the ground level. When you clean up your yard, this is also a reminder that you need to clean up your soul in Confession. Seek the forgiveness of your sins, and learn from your mistakes so you do not repeat them. I forgive all repentant sinners, so repent and be sorry for your sins.”
Jesus said: “My people, your own citizens elected your President-Elect, so this is how you transfer power at your National elections. For people to be protesting, it is not how your country should react to an election. There may be different desires for who should win, but once it is over, people should accept the outcome. There is a possibility that the same people who were protesting the Trump rallies, are now protesting his fair election. If you see exceptional riots and disturbances, this could be fomented by the one world people who do not want a Republican President to hold office. There is a possibility that there will be an attempt to declare martial law to deny your President-Elect from taking office. Pray that this does not happen.”

Jesus said: “My people, many of your problems are now soon to be addressed by your new President-Elect. You will be seeing a transition with a new cabinet being decided. Your business people are optimistic in your stock market gains. You have waited a long time to have a pro-life President. Pray that he will be able to implement changes that will honor Me more in your proceedings.”

Jesus said: “My people, I applaud your desire to make this martyr’s walk in the Year of Mercy. You will gain graces for yourselves, and for saving souls in the conversion of sinners, and helping the souls in purgatory to be released. I know when you come to Midland, Canada that you are all making a physical sacrifice of time and money. But you are doing this for the noble purpose of saving souls, and helping souls in purgatory. These souls will be grateful for your efforts. I will send My angels to protect you in your travels.”

Jesus said: “My people, this coming January 22 you will have a new opportunity for your pro-life President to encourage your protest against your Roe vs. Wade decision that established abortion. It would also be a good time for My faithful to partake in this protest to show the need to stop the killing of My babies. Your country is reaping its problems because of your many abortions. Keep praying to stop abortions in America.” (Note: this march will be on January 27, 2017 because of the inauguration.)

Jesus said: “My people, the next few years may bring a great trial upon you as a punishment for your abortions and your sexual sins. A time is coming when you will have a martial law takeover by the one world people. This will usher in a great Christian persecution, and you will need to come to My refuges for the safety of your soul and your body. Trust in Me to provide My angel protection, and all of your physical and spiritual needs.”