Thursday, November 1, 2007: (All Saints’ Day)

Jesus said: “My people, many of My saints gave up their wealth so they could live their lives in total dependence on Me and not on their money. I have told you before that you depend on Me for everything, even though you may not want to admit it. Living in full dependence on Me requires a complete commitment of your will to My service. This requires a deep trust in Me out of faith alone. Many poor people are living this way of life already. Those, who have been blessed with a good job and more money, are at times tested by their wealth to depend more on themselves than on Me. If you have more than you need, you should be willing to share your excess with the poor, and give thanks to Me for being generous with My gifts to you. Many of the poor and care organizations rely on donations for helping others. So do not be selfish and share what you have, and you will gain treasure in heaven. Strive to be a saint to enter heaven.” Prayer Group:  Jesus said: “My people, there are some who claim to be Christians, but they are hypocrites because they speak of My cross and then they have allegiance to their money and their possessions. You cannot have two masters, for you will either love one or despise the other. You cannot love Me and money. I am the only One to worship and your money is only a means to obtain your necessities. You are totally dependent on Me, so keep Me as your first priority in life and serve Me.” Jesus said: “My people, remember to honor and care for your parents even into their old age. It is sometimes very difficult to endure watching your parents deteriorate in their health as they age. But continue to give them proper care as long as you are able to. Your parents will appreciate your loving care, even if they are unaware in bad memory or comas. Your parents deserve to have their family present up to their dying day. Pray for their good health because they are a treasure to have with you.” Jesus said: “My people, it is difficult for anyone to suffer the loss of a loved one, and the family needs a proper time to grieve that loss. All of the friends and family can comfort the widow or the widower. Pray for the deceased with Masses and honor them at their graves. Move on then with your lives and help the bereaved in their needs. As you remember to pray for the dead on All Souls’ Day, pray that they could be released soon from purgatory if they were judged there. If the deceased is in heaven, your prayers will benefit other members of the family in purgatory.” Jesus said: “My people, as you watch people being buried in the ground, you all are viewing your future when one day you will die. November is a somber month as you make a special remembrance for all of those who have died this year or in the past. These souls have not forgotten you, and you should not forget to pray for them. They may be out of sight, but your pictures of them in life can be an inspiration to think of their souls. This life is very short, so live it to the fullest in loving Me and loving your neighbor as yourself.” Jesus said: “My people, pray for your American workers who are losing their benefits. Many large corporations are cheating their workers out of health benefits, pensions, and fair wages by layoffs or cuts in benefits because of their greed for profits. Jobs are being cut and some are sent overseas for cheaper labor costs. The rich are exploiting and even trying to eliminate the middle class so they can make others their slaves. These devious and unfair employers will suffer much in hell or purgatory for all the injustices they have caused the American workers.” Jesus said: “My people, My saints are your real heroes and heroines, more than your rich and famous that get all of your headlines. As you reverence the relics of the saints, you have a little sense of their presence among you. When you read books on their lives, they can inspire you to live saintly lives. Some had to deal with martyrdom for their faith, and they suffered much in their allegiance to Me, their Master. Your faith should be as strong as theirs when you pray for My help and guidance. When you see how dedicated their lives were in serving Me, you can imitate their lives and be thankful for having such role models. Give thanks and praise to Me as you share your worship of Me with all of My saints and angels.” Jesus said: “My people, My saints can also act as intercessors for your prayer petitions. There are many patron saints for various parts of your life that you pray to. You may also have saints in heaven from your own family as your son, David, and your parents. They love you even more in heaven than on earth, and they are watching over you even when you forget them. Pray to your family saints with even more fervor because they are waiting patiently to hear from you and help you. They join with your guardian angels in protecting you from harm and evil.”