Thursday, May 28, 2009

Jesus said: “My people, when I was on the earth, I started My Church with St. Peter as the Rock or leader, on whom I would build My Church. I told you that the gates of hell would not prevail over My Church. Over the years, especially at the Reformation, many new sects were formed that were not united with My Pope son. There were many heresies and different interpretations of My Word. My Church has remained firm in its teachings, even despite some reaching out to unify these different faiths. Even though these other denominations are separate from My Church, their belief in Me and denial of their sins can still bring them to heaven. I have talked of the many mansions in heaven where I invite everyone to come. This will be revealed in the coming Warning that only through Me can anyone come to heaven. Also My Roman Catholic Church has the fullness of the faith in the sacraments that I instituted. It is good to strive for unity of My churches, but My laws and interpretations are not to be changed. Man will pass away, but My Words will not pass away.”
Prayer Group:
Jesus said: “My people, I have been preparing you to be ready to leave your homes for My refuges of rustic living. It would be some good practice for you to spend some nights camping out in your tents and some crude means of heating and eating food so you can learn to live in natural settings. If you cannot go to a campsite, even practice camping in your backyard. By being ready to live a rustic life, you will see what you need and it will not be a shock to go without a nice bed and warm showers. Living at a refuge will help make you into saints in progress.”
Jesus said: “My people, you have been to burial services before, but it is hard for you to imagine yourself at your time of burial. Before you come to this moment, you should have your life in order with daily prayer and frequent Confession. This life is very short and you need to make the best use of your time in prayer and doing good deeds for people. Do not allow the devil to waste your precious time on too much frivolous entertainment. Focus on doing everything for Me, and I will keep you busy with My work.”
Jesus said: “My people, I have told you that you will see a time of persecution of My people at the time of tribulation when some of you may be martyred for My Name’s sake. You have already heard of several incidents when Guillotines have been brought into the United States. Even in the Book of Revelation it speaks of the faithful being beheaded. You also have seen beheaded figures in the Mall at Washington, D.C. that signify how the one world people will treat people that do not go along with the one world order. Those, who are beheaded, will become instant saints, while the rest of My faithful will be protected at My refuges.”
Jesus said: “My people, in order to prepare yourself for being a saint, you must learn how to detach yourself from the desire of worldly things. When you are being purified in purgatory, you are cleansing your worldly desires so you can be completely focused on worshiping Me. So living a simple life as these monks do, will bring you closer to Me. Coming to My refuges will also help you toward sainthood because you will be stripped of your worldly possessions and your simple, rustic living will give you more time to pray and help your neighbor.”
Jesus said: “My people, helping to feed poor people in need is a worthy work of mercy that could gain you treasure in heaven. Some have prepared such meals daily for the poor. Some buy the food needed and some donate the money for the food. You could perform some of these tasks on occasion or help at your local food shelf. All of this work is a labor of love to help the poor to get a good meal. Remember that when you feed the hungry, you are feeding Me.”
Jesus said: “My people, taking care of your parents in their old age is another labor of love. Your parents cared for you in your early years, so taking care of them in their old age is a way of paying them back for your care. It is not easy to make commitments of time and money to help them, but they are your family members that you love. Some spend more time with their parents than others, but all that you do for them is appreciated and will be good works in your hands at your judgment.”
Jesus said: “My people, it is so important to be good examples of being Christians for your children. Bringing your children up in the faith by training them in daily prayer, Mass on Sunday, and frequent Confession will help them form good spiritual habits and a desire to worship and love their Lord and Savior. You show your children your spousal love and love for your children. Even more your children should see how much you love Me and consecrate yourselves to Me. In this loving environment your children can come to love Me and depend on Me as you depend on Me.”