Thursday, May 24, 2012

Thursday, May 24, 2012:
Jesus said: “My people, these riots and encounters with the police are purposely being instigated by the rich one world people who are using ‘occupy’ groups for their own purpose. I mentioned to you before that one reason for martial law to be declared is the use of false flag terrorists in various cities across America. It is those ‘occupy’ groups that will be used to cause these acts of terrorism to scare the people into the submission of control. Their first purpose was to counteract the Tea Party movement, and to create a division in your country between the rich and the workers. You have seen articles of billionaires of the one world people who are supporting this ‘occupy’ movement, and they are directing orders to these groups in how to cause trouble and riots. As time goes on, you will see how this movement will cause more and more chaos with the plan to precipitate a martial law. Once you are controlled by the one world people, Americans will lose their freedoms to a dictatorial power that will eventually lead America into the North American Union. Fear not these evil ones because before martial law is declared, My faithful will be called to My refuges of protection. The Antichrist’s reign will be brief before I will come in victory. Be prepared for the coming need to be at My refuges during the tribulation.”