Thursday, May 20, 2010

Thursday, May 20, 2010: (St. Bernardine of Sienna)
Jesus said: “My people, there are two thoughts represented in this vision of a watermill. The first thought is about the preciousness of having fresh water available for drinking and for growing crops. In many arid lands it is becoming more difficult to find fresh water, and people are using various desalinization methods to make fresh water. In these cases it becomes more expensive to provide water and some even fight over the rights for water where it is scarce. Grinding the wheat into flour for bread is another necessity of life where again some have very little to eat for survival. This symbol of the flour for bread leads into My own Bread of Life when the priest consecrates the bread at Mass into My Body and Blood. My Eucharist is My spiritual food that will bring My faithful eternal life. I have quoted you many times from St. John’s Gospel 6:54,55: ‘Unless you eat the Flesh of the Son of Man, and drink His Blood, you shall not have life in you. He who eats My Flesh and drinks My Blood has life everlasting and I will raise him up on the last day. He who eats this Bread shall live forever.’”

Prayer Group:
St. Patrick said: “May my blessings be upon all of you as you pray your rosaries for your intentions. One of your intentions was for a good bishop to replace your current Bishop Matthew Clark. I bless that choice and pray for good health for your present bishop. There is one other concern that your new bishop will allow you to continue on in your mission. This is another intention that you need to pray for. Pray for Ireland that they will survive this latest financial disturbance.”

St. Anthony said: “My dear son, when you first noticed that your cross was missing, it was toward the end of your trip in Ohio. You looked around in all of the places that you had been, and then you and your friends prayed to me to find your cross. Once you returned home, you thought it was lost for good. Then a small miracle happened when by accident your hand was drawn into your couch cushion and you pulled out your cross. I thank you for coming to me and thanking me for finding your cross. This happened with your luggage as well. It was after you were resigned to losing these items that they were recovered for you and you were most grateful. I just remind those people who pray to me for lost objects that you remember to thank me and the Lord for the return of your lost things.”

Jesus said: “My people, you are seeing a lot of fears in your markets over the financial problems in Europe and your high unemployment. Many of your investors were trying to buy safe instruments in your Treasury bonds because of the uncertainty affecting the world’s finances. The gold in the vision has still kept its high price and it is a stable investment as well. All of these latest gyrations have your investment community uncertain of how severe any correction will be. By putting your trust in Me, you will not have any fears of what happens in worldly events.”

Jesus said: “My people, your government is sponsoring the production of ethanol and your manufacturers are producing cars to use ethanol as a fuel. Your ethanol production requires natural gas to distill this fuel, and it does consume a food stuff that could feed the hungry. But this and other alternatives are reducing your need for coal and oil. Brazil uses ethanol almost exclusively, but it is using sugar cane in addition to grains to generate its fuel. America’s fuel needs are too large for alternatives to replace all of the coal and oil that you use. Any energy plan will be a long term project as new alternatives are not large enough to replace gasoline. By cutting back on your needs, you could reduce your excessive consumption of fuels relative to other countries. It is your cheap fuels that have enabled your high standard of living.”

Jesus said: “My people, America has been recovering from the latest recession, but other nations are not as fortunate, and they are having debt problems with their overspending. There still are high numbers of the unemployed as this could increase as people run out of their unemployment checks. As jobs are hard to find, other people are in danger of losing their homes which puts more homes on the market. All of these concerns are giving anxiety to your workers and your investors. Pray that more jobs can be provided from your small businesses, or you could see a drawn out recovery.”

Jesus said: “My people, just as you saw your consumers turn more to saving their money during the last financial downturn, they could stop spending again if there are more threats to their jobs in any cutbacks. Pray for a solution to the financial problems in Europe, or you could have a double dip recession of worldwide proportions.”

Jesus said: “My people of Holy Name, you are fortunate to have been chosen to have this Divine Mercy service at your church. Make the time and put away some other schedules so that you have time to attend these services. You need your people to be good examples for others to be drawn to this time of prayer. The same is true for your Nocturnal Adoration to support your own parish’s spiritual activities.”