Thursday, May 13, 2010

Thursday, May 13, 2010: (Ascension Thursday)
Jesus said: “My people, in today’s Gospel you saw Me leaving this world as I ascended to My Father in heaven. The angels told My disciples that I would return even as they saw Me ascending. But when I return, I will come to defeat the Antichrist, the devil, and the second beast to bring about My glory in the Era of Peace. Man has so abused My original creation that I will have to renew the earth so I can bring the New Jerusalem down so there will be a new heavens and a new earth. This vision is showing you how the Antichrist will declare himself and the one world people will bring him into power as head of the European Union and of the whole world as a dictator. He will be a man of peace and he will settle any financial disasters. Then he will become a tyrant leader forcing everyone to take his mark or chip in the body and to worship him as a god. He will have demonic powers and be able to control peoples’ minds by looking at them. He will be on television controlling everyone with his eyes. This is why My faithful will need to be protected by My angels at My refuges from this evil lot. Do not take any chips in your body and do not worship anybody but Me. Those, who violate My directions, are condemning themselves to the fires of hell when I return. The Comet of Chastisement will come at the end of this evil tribulation and cause the Three Days of Darkness that will destroy two-thirds of humanity. The evil ones will be chained in hell as I will protect My faithful and bring them into My Era of Peace. Be prepared to endure this tribulation where some will be martyred for their faith. All martyrs will become instant saints and be brought to heaven. My faithful in this Era of Peace will later be perfected and brought to heaven as well. Choose life with Me now, even if you are tested with this evil. Call on My help and My angels will protect you.”

Prayer Group:
Jesus said: “My son, last week I asked you to buy a Divine Mercy picture for display when you pray your Divine Mercy Chaplet. Once you have the picture delivered, you can read to your prayer group the passage in St. Faustina’s Diary that speaks of the graces that you receive while in the presence of this image. You can also gain graces when you pray in front of this image at your home. It is a blessing to My people wherever this image can be kept. Some churches keep this image visible for this same reason.”

Jesus said: “My people, you are wondering who fixed the relic that had fallen out of its holder. You normally put it away and no one would have touched it. This is just a small miracle of My angels and saints to have a nice appearance in front of Me. It would be interesting to note which saint’s relic was fixed. (St. Pius X) Be grateful for all of heaven’s helps, and honor all the saints in this reliquary of relics.”

Jesus said: “My people, some people are stronger than others in controlling any potential addiction to alcohol. Some also have genetic weaknesses to alcohol, and they cannot even take one drink. Some college students are led into drinking with others as peer pressure has forced this on them. It is better to cure this addiction early before it controls people. Drinking can become a sickness that even defies your free will to control it. I have mentioned also how many addictions have demons associated with them. This is why exorcism prayers may be needed along with a person’s desire to quite drinking. Rehabilitation and prayer novenas are also helpful.”

Jesus said: “My people, this feast day of My Ascension is 40 days after Easter. Now you will be praying a novena of prayers until Pentecost Sunday comes. I want you to look up any novena prayers that you can find for this occasion. You can add your own intentions with these prayers. The more that you learn of your Church’s traditions, the richer your faith in Me could be.”

Jesus said: “My people, near the end of the school year you are seeing junior and senior prom events at your high schools. The men and women look beautiful in their appearances. You also have seen My Blessed Mother pictured being crowned in heaven. This month of May is in her honor as you remember to pray your rosaries for her intentions. You have such a display with a statue of My Blessed Mother in church and all of heaven thanks you for praying your rosaries before us.”

Jesus said: “My people, your Congress is taking up energy reform for your nation as you attempt to lessen your demand for oil and coal. Natural gas is more plentiful and burns cleaner, but it still produces some by-products. Many of your attempts to use solar and wind alternatives are improving, but it will take awhile to replace oil and coal to produce electricity and run your cars. This global warming agenda is still a tool of the one world people to control nations and your manufacturing. You looked this up before and found that warming causes more carbon dioxide formation and not the false science proclaimed by some.”

Jesus said: “My people in ten more days you will be celebrating Pentecost which is really when you honor the Holy Spirit and how He came as wind and tongues of fire to inspire My apostles in their evangelization efforts. As you are praying your novena prayers, you could look up any information about the gifts of the Holy Spirit and how He influences your spiritual life, especially through My sacraments. You are all Temples of the Holy Spirit and He is present to you whenever you see Me or God the Father, because we are all One and inseparable. The Blessed Trinity is truly a mystery, but you can thank the Holy Spirit for all that He does for you.”