Thursday, March 6, 2008

Jesus said: “My people, I call to mind a reflection that you remember in ‘My Imitation of Christ’ (p. 243): ‘Son, be not curious nor give thyself to useless cares.’ This same fascination with curiosity is expressed by the vision of someone using a telescope to search for information. At times you are interested in hearing the latest news of what is going on around you. Some are also curious of what are the latest electronic gadgets that they must have for whatever reason. This quest for the latest news can even be expanded in using the internet to find that information. The reason, that I am visiting this subject, is because this quest for new information can become an obsession. It can interfere with your spiritual life which can take you away from your focus on Me and serving Me, when you focus on your own plans. As you read the account in Exodus about My anger at the Hebrews for worshiping the golden calf, you see why I do not want any idols or strange gods before Me. I am a jealous God, and I want your full attention on My plans for your life. Always pray for direction from Me so that you are doing the right things for your spiritual growth. When worldly concerns and desirable objects take up too much of your time, then there will be less time for Me in your prayer life. Guard yourself so that these worldly things do not control you. Once you acquire the latest news, it quickly becomes old. Once you acquire the latest gadget, it breaks, becomes obsolete, or you quickly lose interest in it. Focus your attention on pleasing Me and following My Will, and do not let your curiosity run your life.”
Prayer Group:
Jesus said: “My people, this is a powerful vision and the locked door represents the door of your heart which I am always knocking on to come in. I do not force My Will on your will because I want you to love Me of your own free will. There is rejoicing in heaven whenever any soul opens this lock with their own unique key so I can come into that heart and soul. If you desire to be with Me in heaven, I call you to consecrate everything over to My Divine Will so I can use you and mold you to do the mission that I have intended for you. If you struggle and want to lead by yourself, it is hard for Me to use you when you pull in the opposite direction. I know that you are weak in your human state, but call on My help to give you the graces that you need to endure your life on this earth.”
Jesus said: “My people, you know how you need heat in the car to melt the ice, and scraping to remove the ice so your windshield wipers can function. When you have cold hearts to Me, it is hard for you to be warm and loving of Me so you can function as a loving Christian. It takes forgiveness in Confession to bring back the warmth of My love into your hearts. You cannot function as the iced up windshield wipers until you thaw out your icy hearts to Me. Keep holding Me close in love, and love your neighbor as yourself.”
Jesus said: “My people, it is unfortunate that Father Steiger had to be involved in this scandal in the Church. Now, he has passed away and many of his friends want to remember the good things that he had done most of his life. He took strong positions against abortion and stood up for many traditions of the Church which have been compromised by others. His manner may have been hard at times, but he had a deep love for Me, My Blessed Mother, and the saints. He will have to be purified in purgatory for a time, but he brought many souls into the Church and was a good shepherd. Pray for his soul, even despite his weaknesses.”
Jesus said: “My people, it is not easy to bring up children through their school years. There are many distractions that could mislead students in wasting their time instead of paying attention to their studies. When they are having difficulties with their studies, you need to pray for them and find ways to help them with their teachers so they do not lose heart and give up without trying. Encourage them with love and concern, and not with only hard penalties. You will accomplish more with love, help, and prayer than with stern punishments.”
Jesus said: “My people, at My final refuges I will provide everyone shelter, water, and food in abundance. Before people reach their final destination of a refuge, many will travel first to the nearest interim refuge. There will be food multiplied and water there, but sleeping space may be difficult for a while. Have patience with your temporary accommodations and work to help each other. Angels will protect you at these interim refuges as you will gradually make your way to your final refuge. Trust in My plans and I will protect you from the evil ones and all of their diseases.”
Jesus said: “My people, many of you know the sensitivity of silicon microchips that can be destroyed by EMP or Electromotive Pulse waves by nuclear bombs or EMP weapons. In some military areas there are old vacuum tube backup communications just in case these EMP weapons are used to destroy all of the microchips. It is hard to find such equipment, but it would be useful against an EMP attack. Be prepared for the use of some very sophisticated weapons that could be used in various countries. The countries with the better weapons and counter measures will be the countries in power.”
Jesus said: “My people, in many Scripture accounts I call on everyone to pick up their daily cross and carry it with Me in sharing My suffering on the cross. Some pray the Stations of the cross, but I want you to make an effort to say them especially on every Lenten Friday. You will soon be preparing for Holy Week and the devotions for Good Friday when I carried My cross to Calvary. You all share your crosses with My suffering, and I will help you as Simon helped Me to carry My cross. Offer up all of your suffering to Me, and you will see the redemptive merit in your intentions.”