Thursday, March 31, 2011

Thursday, March 31, 2011:
Prayer Group:
Jesus said: “My people, you have seen some statues that have been vandalized in people’s front yards. I am talking about statues of My Blessed Mother and Me. Some of the people who had this destruction have had prayer groups or Masses in the outdoors when the weather was warm. This desecration of holy statues is the first step in a series of events that will show you how much the evil ones will be persecuting My people. Pray for My angel protection when you are led to My refuges for safety.”

Jesus said: “My people, there were some people with money and education, and some people that led very poor lives in Trinidad, despite the oil wealth in this nation. Even the poor were joyous in singing their hymns to God. There is a strong faithful remnant that makes up the core of the prayer warriors. There are also many who desire Adoration, and they pray reverently in front of My Blessed Sacrament.”

Jesus said: “My people, at night some people are seeking any kind of entertainment, and this is where excessive drinking and lewd dancing occurs. My faithful need to live chaste and humble lives in order to give good example to their children. Teaching children about their faith is one of the best ways to involve the youth in prayer groups so the faith can be carried on.”

Jesus said: “My people, it is the faithful members who are working hard in praying for priests and nuns so the Church will be sustained for Masses and teaching. The religious life requires quiet time for prayer in order to keep Jesus alive in their lives. Pray for new vocations and that the current priests and nuns will stay strong and not abandon their ministries.”

Jesus said: “My people, seminaries and religious teaching are required for teaching new priests and nuns. Bishops usually solicit funds to keep these places of learning open and running. It is also important to have good directors to choose candidates who could make good priests and nuns. These new candidates need much prayer to be found, and to have strong faith in completing their training.”

Jesus said: “My people, there are many people who are weak or lukewarm in their faith. It is the children and some adults that need proper training in the faith, or they could be lost in worldly distractions. This is why My strong faithful need to take the opportunity to give a strong witness in teaching religion to the children, or training adults to enter the Catholic Church. If the children are not fully grounded in their faith, then they could grow weak in their faith and be lost. The people of the parish also need updates in their faith in retreats, missions, or Bible study. In order to gain in your perfection, My faithful need to grow in their understanding of the faith. Keep strong in your love for Me and love for helping your neighbor.”

Jesus said: “My people, this time of Lent helps build spiritual character, and it can be an opportunity for spiritual growth. One of the best ways to seek My help is to rely on persistent prayer. Do not give up easily, but let your heart see the need for prayer, suffering, and fasting because some souls have a high price. Remember your extra prayers, your Stations of the Cross on Friday, fasting between meals, and the special penances that you promised to do for all of Lent. By renouncing your worldly comforts and restraining your body’s desires, you can allow your soul to have more control over your body. Have trust and hope in Me, and I will lead you down the narrow road to heaven.”