Thursday, March 24, 2016

Thursday, March 24, 2016: (Holy Thursday)

Jesus said: “My people, at the Last Supper with My apostles I instituted My Eucharist, which is the basis for your Mass today. I also washed their feet with water, and dried them with a towel. I told My apostles that those people, who wish to be great among them, must be the servant of all. You reposed My Blessed Sacrament in a special place, because you will not have Mass again until the Easter Vigil. You have a special tradition on this night to visit three other churches as a sign of unity among your churches. Try to keep your devotional traditions during Holy Week, because these services are all about My death and Resurrection, which is My gift to all of you. With My sacrifice on the cross, I have brought salvation to all repentant sinners. I have opened the gates of heaven so all worthy souls may enter. Be grateful for My gift of Myself in instituting all of My sacraments. You share in My Divine Presence when you receive Me in Holy Communion. My sacrament of Reconciliation offers you a chance to have your sins forgiven, and keep a clean soul free of mortal sin. Rejoice in this Triduum of feast days leading up to Easter Sunday.”