Thursday, March 20, 2008: (Holy Thursday)

Jesus said: “My people, when I went to wash the feet of St. Peter, at first he refused. Then I said to him that unless I wash his feet, he could have no part in My inheritance. This changed St. Peter’s mind, and he wanted Me to wash his head and hands as well. This washing of My apostles’ feet was an example to them how they needed to be My servants in helping others. This washing of the feet was also symbolic of purifying the body of its sinful soul on the inside that will heal your spiritual life. But of your own free will you must seek My forgiveness so you can be freed of your bonds of sin, and receive My abundant graces. I took on all of mankind’s sin and I was offered up as a sin offering to My heavenly Father. I am the most worthy sacrifice that He accepted in payment for the price of your sins. This is how mankind was restored with his inheritance in My Kingdom. Even the good thief asked Me to remember him when I came into My Kingdom. I promised him that day that he would be with Me in paradise. (Luke 23:43) All of you can be with Me in heaven as well, if you repent of your sins and accept Me as Master of your lives.”