Thursday, March 18, 2010

Jesus said: “My people, the Israelites worshiped the golden calf before Me, and I was about to punish them when Moses interceded to hold back My hand. Still because of this incident and their lack of trust in Me for entering the Promised Land, I punished that generation by causing them to roam for forty years in the desert. Even in your world of today, you have a new golden calf in worshiping your possessions before Me. Some are taken up with their large new homes, new cars, and the wealth that they have amassed in stocks, money, and real estate. But these same people refuse to worship Me at Sunday Mass. You cannot have two masters, because you will love the one and hate the other. (Matt. 6:24) ‘You cannot serve God and mammon (worldly goods).’ If you wish to enter into heaven, you must accept Me as the only Master of your life and seek My forgiveness for your sins. This world is passing away and even your very life will be taken away from you. You cannot take these possessions with you, and you will then have your soul live on forever. But if you worship these earthly things before Me, you will be testing My justice on the road to hell. Better to worship Me only so your soul can rest with Me in heaven for all eternity.”

Prayer Group:

Jesus said: “My people, in a few weeks you will be attending your Holy Week services when you will come face to face with how much I suffered on the cross for your sins, and how I suffered out of My love for you. Many times you just glance at My crucifix, but when you truly look at the cross for a length of time, you realize how much I love all of you. This is why you need a large crucifix on the altar so My love is ingrained in your heart every time that you look at it. When you suffer through your trials, offer up your pain with Me on the cross because I am still suffering from your sins.”

Jesus said: “My people, at every Mass you pray to Me as the ‘Lamb of God’ and ask for My mercy. Truly My sacrifice and death on the cross was something that I freely did to save all of mankind from their sins. Even though I did not commit any sin or crime, I was crucified as a criminal because My people did not want to believe that I AM the Son of God. I was led like an innocent lamb to be sacrificed as a sin offering on the cross. Give praise and thanks to Me for this ultimate gift of life that I have given you.”

Jesus said: “My people, every time that you pray the Stations of the Cross or the Pieta prayers, you are voicing how I suffered in My scourging, My walk to Calvary, and My death on the cross. When you imagine what pain that I went through without any complaint, then you should not complain of your trials either. Living in the human condition with pain, sickness, and death, you are living My pain every day and you are tempted to sin as well. Pray for My help to endure this life no matter what you are asked to do.”

Jesus said: “My people, it is difficult to understand how some have to die early from cancer or from any other accident, or killing. Some, who watch dying patients, can see the joy on their faces when I come to take them home. It is a wonderful act of mercy to comfort the dying and mourn with those relatives left behind. You have been to many funerals and there is always the thought that one day you will be in a casket. This life is short and you need to always be prepared to die by having a pure soul by frequent Confession. Lent is truly a time to emphasize the need for having sorrow for your sins. It is also a time of prayer to make any spiritual changes that you need in order to perfect your souls.”

Jesus said: “My people, in your Lenten devotions you are well aware that you are at the crossroads of your life when by your actions you are doing things for Me on your way to heaven, or things only for yourself on the broad road to hell. Keep focused on Me and your goal for heaven, and you will have no worries about judgment to hell. I love you and I wait for your return in Confession. Do not wander off in so much sin that you could lose your way on your path to heaven. Avoid any detours by coming back to your narrow road to heaven. If you truly love Me in all that you do, you will truly avoid sin because you do not want to offend Me.”

Jesus said: “My people, you know in the Gospels that I am your King and Master of your lives. Even as you think of My Crucifixion, there was only a short time in the grave, and I was resurrected body and soul into heaven. This is My sign of hope for every soul because those, who are faithful to Me in this life, will be promised a resurrection on the last day in your glorified body. Rejoice even in your suffering here on earth because your life is short, and you will be at your judgment day before you know it. You are sad during My days of suffering, but you are joyful when you celebrate Easter Sunday.”

Jesus said: “My people, your spring season is near as you see the seasons progress from the death of winter to the new life of spring. This is very similar to how I died, and then rose on the third day in My glorified Body. As you are joyful to see winter leave, so you are joyful to look forward to My Easter Season of life in its fullness of My glory. Even as you see the cycle of the seasons, you also can see the cycle of years as a person goes through this life. You know that you have to die in the end, but you also look forward to your joy when My faithful will share their new life with Me in heaven. Follow Me in My Word and My Commandments, and I assure you, like the thief on the cross, you will soon be with Me in paradise.”