Thursday, March 15, 2012

Thursday, March 15, 2012:
Jesus said: “My people, these ugly demons were once beautiful angels that rebelled against Me out of their pride. Hell was made for them, and there being in hell has turned them into ugly beings that you do not want to look at. In the same way I have shown you the soul bodies that are in hell, and they also appear as ugly human beings. I do not want to see any souls sent to hell, but people by their evil lives, send themselves to hell. In the Gospel you saw how I cast out the mute spirit from the man who was possessed by a demon. Even today there are possessed people that have invited demons into their souls in various ways. Avoid seances, devil worship, tarot cards, evil potions, and Ouija boards that can allow demon possession. These people require an exorcism by a priest, and these exorcist priests are hard to find. Even various addictions of drugs, drinking, and gambling have demons associated with these addictions. By using blessed sacramentals, blessed salt, and holy water, you can protect yourself from these demons. Praying for deliverance from demons and addictions requires prayers of St. Michael and fasting because there may be multiple demons in severe cases. There truly are devils, and there is a hell that exists. So do not believe anyone who tells you that they do not exist. This is a trick of the devil to deceive you. Every soul that leaves its dead body, does not go straight to heaven. Very few souls go straight to heaven. Some go to hell and some go to purgatory. This is why it is so important to have Masses and prayers said for the dead because you do not know how they were judged. Keep praying for the souls in purgatory because if certain souls are in heaven, your prayers will be applied to other family souls in purgatory. Also pray and fast for poor sinners who have not yet died, so they can be saved from hell.”

Prayer Group:
Jesus said: “My people, these race cars represent how your people in America are living a fast paced life that can cause you to be anxious and worried that you could not get everything done that you had planned. I have mentioned this before that you put too much on your agenda to accomplish each day. It is better to make a shorter list and have enough time to do things without being hurried. If you spend time on too many things, you will not leave enough time for your prayer life with Me. Better to work things around your prayer time, than to allow earthly things to push Me out of your life.”

Jesus said: “My people, you are approaching the middle of Lent, and it would be a good practice to examine how well you are keeping your Lenten resolutions. If you do not see any progress, maybe you could improve on your original intentions, or make some new ones to test your endurance. Refraining from snacks between meals, and any of your penances may seem like a struggle, but it is good to be able to keep the body under control. Many times you give in too easily to all the desires of the body. By curbing these desires, you can see how the soul should be more in control of your life. By imitating My life, you can improve in your spiritual life.”

Jesus said: “My people, you are doing your best with your Lenten devotions, but you may want to spend some time reading about some of your favorite saints. See how they were so much in love with Me that they all wanted to do all that they could to please Me and help their neighbors. By thinking of helping others out of love, you will have less time to satisfy your own desires. It is hard to live a saintly life in your world because you may get criticized for not conforming to worldly goals. Imitate the saints out of love for Me, even if you are criticized and persecuted.”

Jesus said: “My people, when a nation turns its back on Me, it will see how its blessings will be taken away. You have taken prayer out of your schools, My Commandments out of your public buildings, and some have tried to remove My Name from Christmas. You also are continuing to have abortions, living together in fornication, and having homosexual marriages. When you make money, possessions, and fame your gods, then you are pushing Me out of your lives. America needs to repent of its sins as a nation and individually. You need conversions and a good prayer life to restore your country in My eyes.”

Jesus said: “My people, you need to examine your goals in life, and allow Me to be the Master of your lives. Everything that you do should be done for My greater glory instead of your own glory. Seek to serve Me in leading souls to heaven, and you will store treasure in heaven for your good deeds. I know what you need to survive, so trust in Me for all that you need. I want you to use your talents to achieve the mission that I have given you. This means that you have to involve Me in discerning your daily decisions. By allowing Me to lead you, you will accomplish great things for Me.”

Jesus said: “My people, when you do not call on My help in life, you will be carrying a cross that is twice as heavy. Without Me in your life, the devil will lead you into earthly addictions that you may not be able to change. A holy life will lead you on the right path to heaven, but a Godless life will lead you on a path to hell. Every soul eventually seeks peace, but I am the only One who can give you peace in My sacraments. My faithful need to help those who do not have Me in their lives. Pray for sinners and evangelize as many souls as you can to My love in a personal relationship. Saving souls from hell should be everyone’s mission.”

Jesus said: “My people, when you plan to build a building, you count the costs and you plan for a sound foundation. Even a soul who desires salvation needs to count the costs of coming to Me or turning away from Me. To come to Me I ask that you give your will over to My Divine Will. To have a good foundation in the faith, you need some sound religious training in prayer and the Scriptures. By making these sacrifices out of love for Me, you will be on the right path to heaven. Those, who choose to depend only on their own means, are like those people who build their houses on sand that will not stand up to a strong wind. Instead, build your house on the rock of faith in Me, and your house will last, and your soul will be saved.”