Thursday, March 11, 2020

Jesus said: “My people, you are seeing in this vision the birth and death of bodies that goes on daily in your world. In essence at every conception I create a new soul for that developing physical body. Once the soul is created, it will live on forever because souls are immortal, even if the body dies. If everyone could see this vision, they would understand how life on earth is for a very short time. Each soul in their body has to endure pain, sickness, and the trial of living in the human condition when you are tempted every day by the devil. I cast the demon out of a person in today’s Gospel, but there are still demon possessed people even in your world of today. Life can be beautiful, even despite your weaknesses that are inherited from Adam’s sin. Experiencing love for Me and love for your spouses and neighbors is very comforting and well worth living. Your family and friends are your support through this life in addition to your heavenly support from Me, the saints, and the angels. You have the gift of My sacraments to sustain you spiritually, and My graces to provide for your physical needs. Seek to be united with Me in everything you do, and when you return to Me in judgment, you will eventually join Me in My heavenly banquet.”

Prayer Group:

Jesus said: “My people, as you see signs of spring with warmer weather, your souls and bodies feel joyful to see winter leaving. Your spiritual life is also seeking freedom and joy in My rest. By cleansing your souls of sin in Confession, you can rejoice as well in releasing your bonds of sin. The more you let Me come into your life, the happier you will be in My love and graces. Your love relationship with Me is so rewarding that you are drawn to want to share your experience with other souls. Pray for the conversion of poor sinners.”

Jesus said: “My people, here in America you have plenty of food, and so you are even concerned about diets to keep from getting overweight. Unfortunately, in many poor countries, as Haiti, the people are struggling to find food and water. This is not a one time donation, since now the people in Chile need help. Continue to share your surplus with those who are less fortunate.”

Jesus said: “My people, the weeks of Lent pass quickly, and already you are at the middle of Lent. Now is a good time to review how well you have been doing with your Lenten devotions. Fasting between meals is a challenge to keep working at it. Giving up smoking, giving up eating sweets, or other penances are also a struggle. The fruit of your devotions is to control the sins that could be habits in your life. By denying your body what it desires, this helps in keeping the body’s desires in check. When you see that you can exercise your free will to stop your sins, then this will give you strength to keep a pure soul.”

Jesus said: “My people, it is difficult to find a safe place to build a home. Disasters can happen to anyone no matter where you are living. It is wise to live away from coastlines to oceans, lakes, and rivers. Living in non-earthquake prone areas is another way to avoid disasters. Even still, disasters can strike anywhere, and you need to help those who are homeless and unemployed. They need shelter and food to eat. Help where you can, then if it happens to you, your friends will help you in return.”

Jesus said: “My people, if you truly love your neighbor, you could help with donations of time and money to your local food shelves. Some could help distributing food to the homeless, or help by painting homes that are in disrepair. This proactive work is above prayer and donations, and would be welcome help for the poor to see people that care that much. Even those, who are unemployed, could better use their time in contributing their skills to help people. These are the deeds that will store up treasure in heaven for your judgment.”

Jesus said: “My people, at times people are having bad times in being out of work, having sicknesses in their families, or even deaths. If someone asks you to pray for their trials, be ready to say ‘yes’ and pray for these people. Your prayer help is just as needed as donations or your physical help. Helping others is how you can show your love and care for them. You may even be asked to help your parents or support your older children at your home or financially. Again all of your efforts are appreciated and gain you favor in heaven.”

Jesus said: “My people, it is traumatic to lose your home, and you do not know which way to turn. You may have helped people, so it is hard to imagine if you would need help yourself one day. If you were reaching out for such help, imagine how grateful you would be for someone to feed you, if you were out of work. Imagine also if people helped rebuild your home, how thankful you would be. So put yourself in these peoples’ shoes for a moment, and you can realize how much they need your help. When opportunities come along to help people, reach out without being asked to volunteer your money and your services. Again every soul, that you help, is also helping Me in them.”