Thursday, June 5, 2008: (St. Boniface)

Jesus said: “My people, the downfall of many people in their bodies and sometimes in their souls is when they allow themselves to be taken over by addictions such as drinking, drugs, smoking, over-eating, eating too many sweets, computers, or gambling. Many of these addictions are to either please the bodily senses, or to cover up the problems of life. The excesses of these addictions can cause permanent damage to the body, and are really sins of abuse against your bodies. They also create problems among families and in the work place. I have told you before that many demons are attached to these addictions. The basis for these addictions starting are a lack of self-control and a blindness to see that these things are controlling their lives. Do not let anything so control you that you cannot go without it. The cure or recovery from these addictions will require a person’s inner desire to quit and get help to stop from other people. There also should be a desire to call on My help, or a religious person could pray for that person’s recovery. Without a person’s sincere effort to stop, any addict could be faced with death or harming someone in their path. Drinking and drugs for example can be a real hazard for people driving cars when they could kill others in accidents. Your society needs to work harder in providing facilities to help people recover from their addictions,or you will suffer more repercussions of these bad habits.”
St. Michael the Archangel said: “I am Michael who stands before God and I came to give you a message about America, whom I am guardian for your country. You remember the message you received that when you are in mortal sin, your guardian angel can help you very little because you have broken your love relationship with God. In the same way when more of your citizens are in mortal sin than in the state of grace, I cannot work as well to help your country. Some churches still remember to pray my prayer of protection, and you pray to me before every message. Our Lord wants you to have all three of us archangels on your altar, so I expect to see a statue of St. Gabriel soon.”
Jesus said: “My people, the leaders of Myanmar felt threatened to see your warships delivering aid, and this is why they refused you to come in. Some supplies were sent to neighboring countries, but aid groups are having to secure commercial shipping for these deliveries. Many people are sick and dying, and it is frustrating to try and help these people when the way is being blocked or accepted slowly. Pray that a way will be found to feed and give water to those suffering from the cyclone.”
Jesus said: “My people, you have finished your primaries, so now your candidates will have to address your problem economy and what to do with your war involvement in Iraq and Afghanistan. Many of your politicians are talking of staying longer, but very few are talking about how this war is bankrupting your country and destroying your military. Pray to end these wars and bring your troops home to their families.”
Jesus said: “My people, you see how your media is twisting the truth in polls to try and make you believe that most people are approving of gay marriages. By making it sound like a denial of rights instead of the immorality of gay marriage, the evil ones are trying to get this passed in all of your states. Now those speaking out against homosexual marriages are being accused of hate crimes. This is happening in Canadian courts and it will be happening next in American courts. California is your latest example of how corrupt and immoral your justice system has become. Pray to stop this movement to accept homosexual marriages, or this will be one more nail in your coffin in addition to your abortions and sexual sins.”
Jesus said: “My people, I call out to all of your prayer groups to intensify your prayers and novenas to stop your current wars and prevent any possible war in Iran. Do not listen to your war loving elements in your government who only want to make blood money profits at your expense as a nation. Voting to support any more wars will only bring you more killing and more war debts. It is your central bankers who are behind making war, so your people need to take control back over your country, or these evil ones will lead you to total destruction and takeover in a North American Union. Prayer is your best weapon in your rosaries to fight these evil ones.”
Jesus said: “My people, you know how St. Michael was given to cast the evil angels into hell. A time is coming soon when I will direct him again to cast not only the demons, but the evil souls as well into hell when I will bring about a new heavens and a new earth. The more My people can keep in the state of grace by frequent Confession, the more power you will be enabling My angels to help you in this current battle of good and evil. Pray for My angel protection because they will be there to guard your souls from the evil ones.”