Thursday, June 23, 2016

Thursday, June 23, 2016:
Jesus said: “My people, you are reading about the Babylonian Exile of the Jews, when they were punished for turning their backs to Me, and they broke My covenant by worshiping pagan gods. I allowed the Babylonian king to defeat Israel and they carried off the Temple treasure, the soldiers, and the king and his court back to Babylon. This is an example of how Israel’s kings built their house on the sand of their own accomplishments without giving praise and thanks to Me. So when the flood of soldiers besieged Jerusalem, their house fell because it was built on sand. Those people, who read My Scriptures and act on My Word, are the people who built their house on the rock of faith in Me. I appointed St. Peter as the ‘rock’ on which I would build My Church. My Church has survived throughout the years because I told St. Peter that the gates of hell will not prevail over My Church. This parable of building your faith and your house on a solid foundation, is appropriate for both your physical and your spiritual life. In the physical world you know that most all good homes are built on a concrete footing so it will not get washed away. Some poor people build simple homes on the ground, but the wind and rain will destroy them. It is the spiritual life where many of your people are lacking in building a good foundation for their faith. You need to be taught the basics of the faith by the Ten Commandments, and the beliefs in the Apostles’ Creed. You also need to follow the rules of My Church, and understand My sacraments. Sunday Mass and daily prayer is another way to show Me how much you love Me. You can also help your neighbor with works of mercy to show your love for them. Those people, who refuse to repent and worship Me, are building their spiritual life on sand, and they are risking hell at their judgment. You know and have read My Word, but until you act on My Word, only then can you come to heaven.”

Prayer Group:
Jesus said: “My people, up until now the people have not had an opportunity to vote whether to stay or leave the European Union. Most nations have been joined into these Unions by the one world people without any say from the people. It is also unusual to see one of the leaders of this exit being shot and killed right before the election. These Unions will be used by the Antichrist to help set up his reign. You do not want the North American Union because you will lose your Bill of Rights.”

Jesus said: “My people, your gun laws would only be obeyed by law abiding citizens. The terrorists and criminals do not obey such gun laws, so it will not change any amount of crime or terrorist actions. There will always be a black market where anyone could find the guns they want to buy. You have some people who want to restrict your rights, but there are also some strong lobbies who are blocking such gun laws.”

Jesus said: “My people, you have read how the Panama Canal is being widened to handle larger container ships. You may have forgotten how this crucial waterway was given away by your country, and was purchased by Communist China. You also saw a Satanic ceremony that celebrated an opening of a new tunnel through Switzerland. This shows the evil control that is taking over the European Union. You are seeing how the evil ones will be controlling the unions on all of the continents.”

Jesus said: “My people, your President tried to force thousands of immigrants of Syrian Moslems on your people by his fiat Executive Order. Your lower court judges have stopped this order because he was going beyond his power. Your President finally met some resistance to his fiat rules which are unconstitutional. Your Congress did not stop it, but some brave judges have stood up in the breach against your President. Many of these immigrants have not been vetted, and they need to go through the same laws as anyone else.”

Jesus said: “My people, when certain people cannot win their party’s nomination, they will try any means to block a candidate’s right to be nominated. It is not fair for a legal primary winner to have his
nomination stolen by changing the convention rules. This fight could carry on into the convention. Pray that reason will reign in your Presidential nominations. This election could be in jeopardy from various causes.”

Jesus said: “My people, right now many people have cell phones for their communications. They are all run by microchips in these devices. There is a plan to make it mandatory to place microchips in your body to control your free will. These chips in the body will be a means to control people’s minds, and the one world people will use the same cell towers and satellites that you are using today. This is why I am warning you not to take any of these chips in the body because they will control you like a robot. The Antichrist will communicate his orders through your chips, so refuse to be controlled by taking chips in the body.”

Jesus said: “My people, what you are seeing and hearing from various sources are plans for a massive martial law takeover. These activities indicate that it is just a matter of time before a martial law will be established. I will bring My Warning first before I will allow this punishment of America to happen. This Warning is to allow sinners a chance to prepare their souls for what is about to come in the tribulation. After a time of conversion, you will see this martial law implemented. I will call My faithful to come to My refuges when your lives are in danger. Trust in My protection throughout this shortened tribulation.”