Thursday, June 21, 2012

Thursday, June 21, 2012: (St. Aloysius Gonzaga)
Jesus said: “My people, today’s Gospel is about prayer and how I gave My apostles the Lord’s Prayer in the ‘Our Father’. There is an emphasis on praying from the heart, and not just repeating words in a fast manner. You should pray your prayers slowly so you can remember the meaning of the words. At the end of this prayer I make a comparison. As you are forgiven by Me, so you should forgive your neighbor. There are two parables that speak to this principle of forgiveness. The Parable of the Prodigal Son is how I feel in waiting for sinners to return to Me for the forgiveness of their sins. I am like the loving father who wants to lavish his affection on his son. I also want to lavish My repentant sinners with My love and graces. In another parable one servant was forgiven a large debt from his master, but then the servant caused one of his debtors to be put in prison for a much smaller debt. Later, after the master heard of this incident, he asked his servant why he did not forgive the smaller debt as he had been forgiven. Because of this refusal to forgive the smaller debt, the master had his servant placed in jail until he paid the last penny. So it will be for My people who do not forgive their neighbors. As I forgive your sins, you also should forgive others in a like manner. Those, who cannot forgive others, will have to suffer in purgatory for any lack of forgiveness in their hearts.”

Prayer Group:
Eileen said: “I want to say good-bye one last time to all of the prayer group members, and to all the Nocturnal adorers who came to my wake. I thank you, John and Carol, for all the beautiful years that we spent in working together for the Lord’s causes. I wanted to share with you a mention of my holy groanings when some of your messages touched my heart. I thank everyone for your prayers, your flowers, and your Masses. I did my purgatory in my weeks of suffering on earth because of my strokes. So I am rejoicing with Jesus while I am praying for all of your souls and those of my family.”

Jesus said: “My people, it is not easy to have to assist at the burials of your friends and relatives. It is hard to say good-bye to them, but you could see them later in heaven after your own death. Many times you grieve for their loss because these people have become an intimate part of your life. Be thankful that these souls have found peace and love with Me. Be grateful that your prayer warriors can pray for you when they are in heaven. Your tears of sorrow should be turned into tears of joy that your friends and relatives are receiving their reward with Me in heaven.”

Jesus said: “My people, you may have seen such a scene when the casket is lowered into the ground and shovels of dirt are thrown on the casket. This is a closure statement for the living, but you are only burying the outer shell of the body because the life spirit continues to live on. It is the glory of God that is praised for every gift of life that is placed into your own life. As you look around you, you are happy to share your love and feelings with those people that you are living with. Give praise and thanks to Me for every moment of life that I am granting you.”

Jesus said: “My people, your children’s bullying of a bus monitor has reached an unacceptable level for the cruelty of these children to this woman. They should be made to make a written letter of apology to this woman for their threatening language. The parents of these children should be ashamed of themselves for not bringing up their children with better manners. These children need to know that they have stepped beyond the line of civility in their language. Pray for these children and their parents to repent of their activities.”

Jesus said: “My people, at times your jury trials do not always seem to bring about a just decision. Yet your jury system is a fair means of having justice carried out the best that you can. This right of trial by jury is one of America’s basic rights in your Bill of Rights. Other countries have a much harsher form of justice as in communist countries and Muslim countries. Work to save your country from the one world people who want to take away all of your freedoms.”

Jesus said: “My people, over the years many soldiers have lost their lives in the defense of your country and your freedoms. You are coming upon your celebration of your Independence Day on July 4th. Remember to thank those who fought to protect your freedoms. You are seeing now how the one world people are directing their puppets in your government to take away your freedoms one by one. Your people need to rise up and fight this stealing of your freedoms, or you will lose all of your rights. The more public opinion resists these new edicts, then you will see these evil ones back down. Pray for your country’s freedom, or you could lose it.”

Jesus said: “My people, you have seen some dramatic scientific discoveries made over time that have helped you in many parts of your lives. In previous years inventions were made to ease man’s burdens and to give people a longer life. Now in recent years your science is being abused for the sole purpose of making money. The ethics of what they are working on is not always questioned, but when you do things that violate My laws, people should complain of their wrongdoing. I will need to renew the earth of all of man’s manipulations of nature in order to return it to My original plan. Rejoice when you will see My new heavens and new earth after My victory over Satan.”