Thursday, June 12, 2008

Jesus said: “My people, you are all My little ones and I love you dearly. All of you want to have peace and love in your heart as the flowers in this vision, but there are situations that can test you and that is driving situations and answering phone calls. The proper loving response should be to be courteous and helpful as much as possible. In driving you may be annoyed by slow drivers or those that cut you off or make dangerous movements around you. Some may even hit your car driving or dent your car with their doors. It is difficult to be loving in these situations, but do not let road anger make any event worse that it is. Drive defensively and allow others to go ahead without being selfish. On the phone you deal with people selling things or campaigning that can be annoying when you did not ask for these things. When you answer the phone, you need to be more charitable in your response, and understand the person on the line may be just doing their difficult job. Being understanding may be a challenge when you may be interrupted in your work, but think first of the other person’s need than just your own selfish use of your time. By being more loving in interacting with people, you will be sharing your Christian love, and be a positive witness than one who may be disturbed by the behavior of others. This may go against your earthly desires, but each of these situations are an opportunity for grace, a sin of omission, or unintended anger. Be careful of how you react to life’s challenges so you may not regret a hasty response later.”
Prayer Group:
Jesus said: “My people, this vision of a crucifix against a blue sky is indicating how many in the Midwest need some prayers for the rains and tornadoes to stop so they can deal with the flooding and the destruction. Many farmers are seeing their livelihoods threatened by floods which are killing their crops and are leaving their fields too wet to work with their tractors. With a fair percentage of crop failure, food and grain prices will continue rising with possible shortages. Farming is at the mercy of the weather, which is why they need prayers for good weather.”
Jesus said: “My people, with higher grain prices and corn being scarce, it would be better to use the corn for food, and use alternate organic waste products for the ethanol feedstock. By using discarded organic waste products, the feedstock would be cheaper and it would not consume usable food for ethanol. You will have more threats of famine coming, so you need food more than ethanol. It would take some retooling of the proposed ethanol plants, but saving fuel could still be helped by using cellulose adaptations without affecting food demands. Pray for your scientists to make cheaper and less energy consuming fuels.”
Jesus said: “My people, you have had cheap fuels for a number of years and your demand for fuels and electricity have been increasing without much concern about conservation or more fuel efficient vehicles and motors in industry. Now with increasing demand from China and India to power their new economies, the available amounts of fuel are not able to keep up with this demand. If your world nations do not want to cut back on their demands, then your prices will rise too fast, shortages may occur, and possible wars could start over these natural resources. Pray that your nations work out some compromise for apportioning oil supplies fairly, or your oil supplies could be threatened.”
Jesus said: “My people, America does not have a real energy plan to provide more oil or fuels for electricity. There is not an endless supply of fuels that would allow more demands of energy to be increased. America needs to quickly think more about conservation in using less fuels together with gaining fast access to new oil supplies from oil shale or other drilling areas. America, China, and India are too dependent on fuels to run their economies, and fast solutions need to be put in place immediately. Pray for a peaceful solution to your energy crisis, or you could be facing wars for oil.”
Jesus said: “My people, the one world people know full well how vulnerable America is in requiring fuels for your vehicles and electricity to run your homes and factories. They will use these weapons against you to control you in requiring chips to buy and sell fuels. Without fuels and electricity they could bring your economy to a standstill with no travel. This is what they will use when they declare martial law for their takeover. This is why you will need some alternative fuels and bicycles for travel and energy needs in your homes. Be prepared with some food supplies, and be ready to leave for My refuges when martial law comes.”
Jesus said: “My people, you may be aware of various annual meetings of the one world people as they influence many governments around the world. Their plans are moving ahead quickly to form continental unions as the North American Union. They are controlling your candidates for president and your Congress people, so they could implement martial law by creating a deadly set of incidents for an excuse for an emergency takeover. This is why I have warned My people to be ready to leave for your refuges at any moment because the one world people are close to their time of takeover. Pray much for everyone in whatever crisis they will cause.”
Jesus said: “My people, starting a world war over Iran could be one option in the options of the one world people to bring a man of peace into the world. This Antichrist could claim to be a savior of the world to bring peace, but he will become a tyrant ruler which will make things even worse than before. Trust in My protection with My angels and have no worries because I am stronger than all of these evil ones.”