Thursday, July 8, 2010

Thursday, July 8, 2010:
Jesus said: “My people, in the Gospel reading I was sending My apostles out two by two to evangelize first the lost ones of Israel. Later, My disciples traveled to many nations abroad where they shared My message of love and had many converts to Christianity. When they brought new converts into the faith, they would baptize them in any available streams of water. I
advised them to travel light without worry about taking money with them. Missionaries even today rely on donations and people to support them in their houses. I told My disciples that the workers in My vineyard are deserving of their wage, which is their food and a place to stay where they are working. My missionaries are still in need of your support when they work in foreign lands. This includes both financial support and spiritual support in your prayers. It is not easy to be a missionary in leaving your home, or My messengers who also travel around with My message. Be thankful for all of My workers that I send out to harvest the souls for heaven. Pray for more vocations because this evil world needs more missionaries to go out into My vineyard for the harvest.”

Prayer Group:
Jesus said: “My people, I am happy that you finally were able to get your own Divine Mercy Image. This is not just another piece of artwork, but it has a special blessing when you pray in front of this image as St. Faustina gave you in her diary. Next time, you can read what was given to her about My Divine Mercy. Even when you bring this picture home, it is meant to be exposed where you are praying so you can receive the graces of My Divine Mercy Image.”

Jesus said: “My people, if you think that you are suffering from your latest heat wave, then think also how souls are suffering in the flames of hell, and those in lower purgatory who are also suffering from flames. It is hard for you to imagine soul bodies burning in flames without being consumed. Pray for the sinners so they can avoid going to hell, and pray for the souls in lower purgatory so they can be moved higher out of the flames. Pray for all the souls in purgatory, but the lowest are suffering as in hell, except that they are promised to be with Me one day in heaven.”

Jesus said: “My people, the beginning of your hurricane season is already disturbing the oil clean up and causing floods along the Gulf of Mexico. There are more storms to come, but pray that these storms may be diverted away from the oil spill. Any storms that pick up these pollutants could send these toxic substances inland and could cause sickness to spread among your people. Many are praying that this well could be plugged so the oil flow could be stopped. Many other wells that have been abandoned are becoming a concern if they also start leaking oil. Because of your desire to drive your cars, there is still a desire to extract more oil from your offshore rigs. Your moratorium on drilling is already becoming a threat to your domestic oil sources.”

Jesus said: “My people, some of you have recently been to a refuge for a wedding, but the people, who were invited, could see how rustic living on a farm is not an easy life. You again experienced some difficulties sleeping and had to endure some mosquito bites. You also had to endure these insects when you went to Trinidad. You can understand how people can get various diseases through these bites. Pray for My faithful who are building refuges, and for My faithful who will have to suffer a more difficult lifestyle away from all of your creature comforts.”

Jesus said: “My people, this coming time of tribulation will be a means for purifying the souls of My faithful because giving up your riches and possessions can make saints out of you. You will not see any TV and you will find more time to pray in giving Me praise and glory, as My saints and angels sing My praises constantly in heaven. Bring many rosaries, prayer books, and Bibles because you will be thirsting for My Words in the Bible and your spiritual reading. You will need to share them with those who do not have anything to pray with.”

Jesus said: “My people, do not concern yourselves about when the Warning will occur or when the Antichrist will declare himself. Dates are not important, but only be prepared for when they do occur. The Warning will come first to alert all sinners to convert their lives. I will give you the time for when you will need to come to My refuges so your angels can direct you to My nearest refuge where you will be protected from the evil ones. My faithful will be hidden by a veil of invisibility so you will be protected. Give praise and thanks that many will be saved from a martyr’s death. Walk with Me in faith as you keep your souls pure by frequent Confession.”

Jesus said: “My people, those, who are preparing My refuges and interim refuges, are checking their food storage for spoilage and to stock even more supplies for the people who will be coming to them. I will truly multiply the food and water that you need, but all of you must be ready to help each other in your faith communities. By using your skills and tools, everyone will have whatever is needed to survive. When you come to My refuges, you will be living in full trust of My help. Be confident that I will soon be victorious over these evil ones as I will bring you into My Era of Peace after the tribulation is over.”