Thursday, July 7, 2016

Thursday, July 7, 2016:
Jesus said: “My son, in the Gospel you read of how I gave My apostles the power to heal people and cast out demons. These gifts were freely given, and so they did not expect any payment for their services. They were sent out with no money, and they were to accept a place to stay, and be fed with what the people gave them. My son, you have also been sent out to share My messages and proclaim the Kingdom of heaven is at hand. You have been traveling for over twenty years, and you do not accept any stipends, nor do you make money on your books and DVDs. The people take up collections to help you with your plane tickets when you fly, or your gas when you drive. They put you up in their homes to sleep, and they pay for your meals when they can. You pray over the people and share My messages. Your mission is to prepare the people for the coming tribulation of the Antichrist, and recently you have another mission of preparing a small refuge for forty people. I have given you the gifts you need, and the grace and money to carry out both missions. Give praise and thanks to Me for calling you to accept these missions. I thank you for saying ‘yes’ to My call.”

Prayer Group:
Jesus said: “My people, what you are seeing in the news is that there are laws for the average person, but the elite seem to be above the law, and they are not held accountable for their actions. Even so, all of these one world people will have to come before Me in a judgment that they will not be able to avoid, or lie their way out of. You can still hear the words of ‘careless and irresponsible’. You may not see fair judgments now, but in the end all of these real facts will see the light of day.”

Jesus said: “My people, in the coming election you will find it difficult to really determine what the candidates really stand for. You will see each candidate trying to smear the other candidate, but there will be so much biased media coverage that it may be hard to sort out the real truth of what is said. Pray that you can discern the best candidate.”

Jesus said: “My people, the Israelites fell away from their true faith in Me, and they started worshiping the pagan gods of Baal. My people of today are just as weak because of your sexual sins, and your worship of money and entertainment stars. Wake up America and see that worshiping Me is your only proper choice because without Me, you are nothing.”

Jesus said: “My people, you are seeing many signs and military movements that can only point to a martial law that will take away your freedoms, and put you into the North American Union. The evil one world people not only want to stop your election, they want to control your souls as robots. Refuse any chips in your body so you are not controlled. Give thanks and praise to Me for protecting you at My refuges.”

Jesus said: “My people, I can understand how some people are having a struggle with why I have not brought down My punishment on your society already. You do not see the big picture of how I am trying to save as many souls as possible. You are seeing My faithful grow stronger, while the devil is putting more evil into the world. Those people, who have been waiting, are about to be vindicated when world events will soon place the Antichrist into power. I have told My faithful to be prepared for a bloody battle of good against the evil ones.”

Jesus said: “My people, you have seen some unrest before, but this is nothing compared to the evil that is coming. It is the plan of the one world people to try and control as many people as possible. They will try to exterminate all the people who believe in Me, and those people who will not go along with the new world order. My faithful will be very grateful for all the refuges that have been built as safe havens. Pray for My angel protection because there will be some people martyred for their faith in Me.”

Jesus said: “My people, many of you have not only been waiting for the tribulation, but you are also awaiting My victory over all the evil ones. I will raise My faithful up into the air so you are not killed by My Comet of Chastisement that will bring My victory. Two-thirds of humanity will be killed, and all the evil ones will be cast into hell. This is their judgment for denying Me and trying to kill My faithful. Rejoice when I will renew the earth, and I will bring My faithful remnant into My Era of Peace. You will have your reward for being true to Me, despite all of the evil things that will happen.”