Thursday, July 2, 2015

Thursday, July 2, 2015:
God the Father said: “I AM WHO AM, is showing you the parallel between Abraham offering up his only son with Me, as I allowed My Only Begotten Son to be offered up for all of humanity. I called Abraham to test him and see if he would be willing to sacrifice his only son in obedience to My command. As you read in the Book of Genesis, Abraham immediately cut the wood, and took Isaac to Mt. Moriah. There he made an altar, and he was about to sacrifice his son with a knife. Then I sent My messenger angel to hold his hand, and I now knew that Abraham would follow all of My commands, even to give up his only son. In a similar situation, but for different reasons, I promised man that I would send a Redeemer to save all of you from the sin of Adam and Eve. All of humanity has inherited a weakness to sin, and the gates of heaven have remained closed since there was no person or animal worthy of sacrifice to atone for all the sins of mankind. I love all of you so much that I sent My Only Begotten Son as a God-man, to be sacrificed in reparation for all of the sins of mankind. My Son is the only worthy sacrificial Lamb who could atone for the sins of mankind. Jesus died and was resurrected to show how all of you will be raised up on the last day, as your body will be reunited with your soul to be whole again. Give thanks and praise to Me that I allowed My Only Begotten Son to die for your sins, and bring you salvation of your souls. With My Son’s death, the gates of heaven were opened to all souls who accept Me and seek the forgiveness of their sins. My Son is your Redeemer, and He is the only true Gate by which all souls can come into heaven.”

Prayer Group:
Jesus said: “My people, the battle between good and evil is getting stronger every day, but there are fewer good people because they are dying off. You also have fewer people praying for souls than in the past. Many faithful souls are fighting the good fight, but there are more people doing evil, and less people are doing good things. You can call on Me to double your prayers as I multiply other things. Do not get lax in your prayers because more prayers are needed to offset today’s evil. Instead of spending time on frivolous things, work more to do My work of saving souls.”

Jesus said: “My people, I told you that My angels would assist My refuge builders in supplying more housing as people keep coming to your places of safe haven. All of these buildings will be invisible to your authorities, but the people need to have a cross on their foreheads to enter. My refuge builders need to have food, water, and bedding which can be multiplied. Be grateful that some faithful have said ‘yes’ to My call to have refuges.”

Jesus said: “My son, I told you before not to feel overwhelmed with all of your work. It is important also to make some time for your prayers, even if you have to put off some other needed chores. Doing a little of everything can keep your other jobs from getting backed up. People, who try to put demands on you, need to be more patient, as you are working on their jobs. By keeping calm and steady in your work, things will get done in a reasonable length of time.”

Jesus said: “My son, you are very pleased with your new altar and your Mass needs that just came to your house. The altar is a very nice piece of work by your friendly carpenter. It is nice to be able to see your inlaid altar stone that was gifted to you a long time ago. You also received a nice pray-Dieu and some beautiful Stations of the Cross that will go well in your new chapel. Again you need to take your time to place everything in their proper places. You need to be thankful to all the people who have given you the things that you need.”

Jesus said: “My son, your friends have seen your needs, and they are helping you very much without even being asked. You should know that I am touching hearts to help you in your needs, and that is why everything is coming together quickly because your time is short. You can thank Me for arranging these things for you, all for My greater glory.”

Jesus said: “My people, you are seeing some financial problems with defaults and bankruptcies in Greece, Puerto Rico, and some of your cities. It is the pensions and the social service payments that are causing some government deficits which are causing your financial problems. As budgets have less money to finance governments, you will see the necessity to make some cutbacks in these payments because the tax revenue is not keeping up to pay everything. If these cuts are not made, you will be seeing more bankruptcies.”

Jesus said: “My people, you are seeing some financial failures occurring in some countries and in your own cities. It is just a matter of time when the deficits in your countries will be too overextended and the debt holders will no longer support these deficits. Any increase in interest rates for your debts will only make things worse. You knew this day was coming because you cannot keep spending money that is not there by issuing more debt instruments. You are seeing this strain of debt on many countries, and this could precipitate a world banking crisis that will be worse than 2008. It is important to have your refuges ready, and even some extra food and water at home when the stores and banks will be closed. Pray for the people to find a means for survival in this coming financial crash.”