Thursday, July 17, 2008

Jesus said: “My people, a time is coming when My faithful remnant will only be able to find a proper Mass available in the homes, providing you have a faithful priest. This is why I have directed some of My faithful to have hosts, wine, vestments, and books with Mass kits in the home. This will be necessary as you approach the tribulation time when you will see persecution, and the schismatic church controlling the churches. This will also be close to the time when you will be leaving your homes for interim refuges at first. It will be the time when My faithful may be joining together at your prayer groups. The persecution of My faithful for your beliefs in Me will become more severe when they will try to imprison you for the least criticism of sinners in abortion, euthanasia, fornication, or homosexual marriages. Eventually, the evil authorities will seek to kill you for not taking the microchip in the body and for not worshiping the beast or the Antichrist. This will definitely then be the time to call on Me and I will have your guardian angels lead you to the nearest interim refuge, and later to a final place of refuge.”
Prayer Group:
Jesus said: “My people, it is hard for you to imagine how it would be like to go to bed hungry without eating all day. Yet, there are people in some countries that are fortunate to find something to eat. You are spoiled to have so much food in your grocery stores, but that plenty could quickly change to empty shelves in a famine. I have asked you to set some food aside so during the tribulation I could multiply what you have so those around you could have enough to eat. Trust in Me to provide for your needs wherever you are led by your angels.”
Jesus said: “My people, when you pray as one person, your prayers are applied to your intentions. When you pray as a group, your prayers are multiplied for all of your intentions. When you pray for reparation of the sins of your whole country, then you need to pray, fast, and ask your prayers to be multiplied. By My grace I will multiply your prayers just as I will multiply your food.”
Jesus said: “My people, I have warned you of the danger of living close to an old volcano because you do not know when it could erupt and kill you with an explosion. Less violent volcanic activity could be harnessed for heating and driving turbines for steam generators to make electricity. You have looked at many energy alternatives, but thermal energy from the earth’s core could provide an almost endless source of heat as long as you could control it. Once you think beyond your fossil fuels, there are many solutions for your energy crisis.”
Jesus said: “My people, your hospitals are barely getting by on the number of beds that you have planned for at this time. Emergency situations such as 9-11, Katrina, and the floods along the Mississippi call for much more rigorous preparations which very few of your cities have planned for. The Red Cross is already stretched to its limit for funds because of your many disasters. FEMA and your Homeland Security have been slow to react to national disasters. Your people better have some major preparations for food and the coming famine with potentially large losses of life.”
Jesus said: “My people, every year you have been faced with increasing areas of drought with more possibilities of large fires fed by high winds. Many of your fires in California are exhausting your fire fighters with endless fires. Pray for better rainfalls in your drought areas so that your crops or homes will not be endangered by these wild fires. Putting aside food is already being seen as a good preparation to handle the droughts with less food available.”
Jesus said: “My people, your energy companies are fortunate to be able to provide enough electricity to handle hot summers and the needs of your air conditioners. Again these companies find it too expensive to bring on alternative power to make up for any electricity grid failures. During such outages, the people will need secondary sources at least for heating during the winter. Food spoilage would be difficult without some backup food supply. My people need to plan for such emergencies, and call on Me to multiply your food and fuel in your need.”
Jesus said: “My people, some countries are using higher percentages of electricity made by nuclear plants than America does. Your country has had many years of relatively safe energy from this source, yet you have failed to make any new plants for this means of energy. You have many alternative sources to oil, but you have not taken the right path to increase your energy away from oil related products. Now that you are in a real energy crisis, you need to make some drastic moves quickly, or your sources of fuel may control you through other countries’ demands. Pray that your solutions will help your country soon before you have some serious fuel or electricity shortages or failures.”