Thursday, January 22, 2015

Thursday, January 22, 2015:(Roe v Wade anniversary, stop abortions)
Jesus said: “My people, every year you march against abortion in Washington, D.C. on January 22 where your Supreme Court has approved of killing My unborn babies. Your nation will suffer a loss of your freedoms because you are denying the freedom of life for all the unborn babies that you are killing. All mothers of aborted babies, the doctors who killed them, and all those people who support abortion, are all liable for punishment of their evil deeds, and should seek My forgiveness. My Blessed Mother has said to you that not working to stop abortion in prayer or protest, is the worst sin of omission. You complain of all the terrorist killings, and the holocaust in Germany, but you are just as guilty in killing My babies. I have told you that if you do not stop your abortions, then I will stop them in a way that you will regret. This means I will allow the one world people to punish you with a takeover, and a loss of all of your freedoms in a totalitarian state of communism. Socialism is where you are today, and that leads to God-less communism. This is why I am having some faithful set up refuges when martial law is declared, so you will be protected from the evil ones by My angels at My safe havens.”

Prayer Group:
Jesus said: “My people, your elected officials should be held to a higher standard of ethics than others, because they serve your people. You have seen other officials charged with crimes because of their inappropriate behavior. They are human, but it puts a bad light on your officials that sometimes think they are above the law. Pray for all of your elected officials that they lead upright lives, instead of causing any scandals.”

Jesus said: “My people, your media is so censored, that they do not want to show the thousands of people who are protesting abortion. Many of your Congress people try to hide from these protestors. I applaud those who are standing up to defend the little babies from being killed by abortion. Shame on those mothers who are killing their children. Shame on the doctors as well who take blood money to perform thousands of abortions. These souls need to seek My forgiveness for their crimes. Your country is in danger of My punishment because your laws and decisions allow the killing of unborn babies. Keep praying for the stoppage of abortion.”

Jesus said: “My people, your media is very quick to show you riots and other protests, but not any protests against abortion or homosexual marriage. It has been proven that most of your announcers and owners of your media, are very left of center in displaying their censored politics. This has been a goal of left leaning organizations to control the media and its message, which many times is favoring atheism instead of talking about Me. Some people are no longer watching TV. Avoiding the left brainwashing is a good reason not to watch it.”

Jesus said: “My people, some of your modern churches do not have statues or pictures of Me, My Blessed Mother, or the saints. Many churches do not even have a large crucifix by the altar. Pictures and statues of the saints help you to remember them to imitate their holy lives. Stained glass windows are also a means of displaying Myself and My saints, even as you are viewing an old stained glass window that you brought to your prayer group. Some people have reached out to save such holy objects from being thrown out or desecrated. I commend those people who are trying to preserve such holy objects.”

Jesus said: “My people, when you look at who is attending Sunday Mass, there are fewer young people coming, especially as they grow into adulthood. Each succeeding generation is getting weaker in their faith. When your children attend college, they find many professors who are teaching atheism. Your society also advocates more sinful lifestyles as living together or same sex marriage. You see attacks on the family in many ways that try to split the families. With such an environment for your children, you can see why fewer young people keep their faith strong into adulthood. Keep praying for your children to stay close to Me, and strong in their faith.”

Jesus said: “My son, I know that you wanted to be at your friend’s funeral, but you were away when she died. She was a dedicated fighter for the faith, and she had invited you for several talks in Canada. My faithful network needs to keep in touch with each other, and pray for each other. Carmel suffered for a time with cancer, and this was her purgatory on earth. She will be brought to heaven on the next feast day of My Blessed Mother.”

Jesus said: “My people, I have been advising My refuge builders to be stocked up on the physical needs as food, water, and fuel. I will multiply what you need, even your buildings that are like dormitories for bedding. My faithful also need to stock up on your spiritual needs, as preparations for Mass, Adoration, rosaries, scapulars, and religious books as Mass books, Bibles, Pieta prayer books, and the Liturgy of the Hours. You will be praying more at My refuges, so you will need plenty of rosaries and religious books to share.”