Thursday, January 13, 2011

Thursday, January 13, 2011: (St. Hilary)
Jesus said: “My people, there are some who pray for a healing of diseases, chronic pains, or for solutions to their financial problems. As in the Gospel I healed many sick people, and they sought Me wherever I went. So people now are seeking Me as well in their petitions. Some are healed, while others have to suffer their pains with Me on the cross. Many sufferings are used to help others in their sins when the sufferings are offered up to Me. As much as people come to Me for physical healing, I wish they had the same fervor to petition Me for spiritual healing of their souls. This vision of a confessional in an old church is a sign of how much I want My faithful to visit Me in the priest to confess their sins at least once a month. Make a proper preparation by looking at lists of sins to reflect on. Your spiritual health is even more important than your physical health. It is unfortunate that many churches make it hard to find their confessionals, and confessions are only heard for a half an hour or an hour once a week. More emphasis on the forgiveness of sins in Confession should be made in your priest’s homilies. This is the most needed cure for all souls so they are always ready to meet Me in their judgment if they should die suddenly.”

Prayer Group:
Jesus said: “My people, seeing this house on fire can relate to both hell and purgatory where souls are burning in the flames without being consumed. The souls in hell have no hope to rid themselves from the flames. Those in lower purgatory can look forward to a time to be moved to upper purgatory without flames, then finally after more time, they are promised to be with Me in heaven. My sinners on earth can atone for their sins and the reparation due for them by taking advantage of My graces on Mercy Sunday. Your prayers and good works will help weigh against your life’s sins. Many souls need purification in purgatory, but you can minimize suffering in the flames by staying close to Me.”

Jesus said: “My people, some people drill for oil and gas, while others drill for water. I have asked My faithful to drill out a hole for well water on their refuges. If this is not possible, I will allow My angels to form miraculous springs like at Lourdes, and they will not run dry. You need water to survive, and this is why an independent supply of water is needed at every refuge.”

David, my son, gave the message: “My dear family, this vision of how aborted babies are incinerated is an unfortunate great sin of America and other nations. In some places nearly half of the conceptions are aborted. These sins of abortion are crying out for the Lord’s justice, so America will pay for its many misdeeds. You have asked Me about your granddaughter. If hormone therapy does not help, then medication will not help much either. Pray that the severity of her seizures will lessen as she grows older. This is a cross for those who have this tendency in their family history. I will intercede to lessen her suffering.”

Jesus said: “My people, you are seeing considerable flooding in Australia and Brazil now, and there has been earlier flooding in Europe and China. Even California has seen flooding. Many areas all over the earth are experiencing excessive precipitation beyond their normal levels. The land cannot absorb too much water, and then floods or mud slides soon develop. Some excessive rainfall can be exaggerated by the HAARP machine or unusual weather patterns. Expect these disasters to continue as nature is rebelling against man’s sins.”

Jesus said: “My people, you have seen many flights cancelled and roads closed from heavy snowfalls. When you go on your trips, remember to pray for your safety and have blessed salt or holy water in your vehicle. By calling on My help and the angels, you will see My protection guiding your way even through bad weather.”

Jesus said: “My people, I have warned you before about food shortages if trucks cannot deliver enough food to your stores. This vision of overturned trucks is an example of what could happen in continuous snowstorms. This is another reason that I have warned My people to have six months to a year’s supply of food on hand in case you see a food shortage. If you do not have enough money or a place to store food and water, then store what you can and I will multiply what you need to survive. Trust in Me and I will provide for all of your needs.”

Jesus said: “My people, your money in America is being artificially controlled, but soon your debtors will demand more interest for your bonds, or no one will buy them. Rising interest rates are a sign that people see that your debts are outstripping your means to pay the interest. Even your states are having difficulties trying to cover their deficits. Austerity plans of increased taxes and forced cuts in spending will cause hardships on many people. When there is no more money to pay workers, there will be more jobs lost. This will next become more of a problem for your government that is on the brink of bankruptcy. When entitlement funds get low, there will be reductions in payments, and fewer will qualify for payments. Riots and chaos could result when people cannot find enough food to eat. When this takeover by martial law occurs, call on Me and your angels to lead you to My refuges.”