Thursday, January 1, 2009: (Solemnity of Mary)

Jesus said: “My people, you have many celebrations to bring in the New Year, but there should also be a spiritual significance in resolving to improve your spiritual life with a goal to be a saint to enter heaven. Today, you celebrate another feast day of the Solemnity of My Blessed Mother. Her sinless and faithful life should be a model and inspiration for you to follow. You also have My life as a model of how to live a good Christian life. Many talk of New Year’s resolutions, but the spiritual changes are most important for your soul, especially in changing any sinful lifestyles. It is one thing to improve your weight or health of your body, but improving your prayer life and holiness will have everlasting value for your soul. Take a mental picture of where you are today, so you can compare any improvements made by the end of this year. Each year you should be improving if you are ever to reach your goal of eventual sainthood.”
Jesus said: “My people, the central bankers are running your government and financing your debts through the Federal Reserve. Your Treasury Department and these bankers are also determining where any bailout money goes whether Congress likes it or not. With their arbitrary handouts of money, you have the beginning of socialism when the people can no longer control how taxpayer money is spent. There is also little if any accounting of where this money is going and whether it will help future loans for housing. It will be these one world people who will decide how long you will be a free country, because they have plans to make America a part of the North American Union with no sovereignty rights. Your dollars may soon become worthless when they create a new currency system and chips to buy and sell. Some are waiting for a return to the old stock market of rising values, but little do they know that all of their money will be taken away in the biggest theft that your country has ever seen. You have complained of certain Ponzi schemes to take investors money, but Social Security and your Federal Reserve notes are the biggest Ponzi schemes of all that people do not even understand. This bigger scheme will come undone and it will create many riots and killings because of these injustices. This is when America’s takeover will be realized, because the central bankers have been planning this day for many years. In the end these evil ones will be vanquished and they will receive their punishment in hell when My victory comes. Be patient with this trial because you will soon share your reward with Me in My Era of Peace.”