Thursday, February 7, 2008

Jesus said: “My people, My Lenten call today is to deny yourself and take up your daily cross of suffering with Me. It is not easy to go against your own will, but in order to save your life, you must lose it to Me. By following My Commandments, as Moses directed, and choosing life in Me rather than the curse, you will save your soul. What does it profit you to gain the whole world, and then lose your soul? Taking up your cross means that you will deny yourself and let Me lead you in full trust. It means that every day you will consecrate everything over to Me so I can use you to fulfill your intended mission in life. Make every decision by consulting Me in prayer so I can confirm the best choice for your soul. It is better to be in spiritual obedience to Me and your spiritual director than to do everything on your own. Wait for Me to lead you and do not go ahead of Me, and life will be easier for you, and more rewarding that you followed My directions. Taking up your cross in this life will require some sacrifices, but your earthly struggle will find a heavenly reward. This is why during Lent it is good to do some penances as fasting between meals, doing extra prayers, and suffering to do without something that you enjoy, as desserts. By putting some restrictions on the body’s desires and comforts, your soul will be made stronger against temptations from the devil. Your first inclination of good can come from your guardian angel, but your second inclination to evil or to be lazy could be from the devil. So remember to choose life over the curse so you can join Me in heaven for all eternity.”

Prayer Group:

Jesus said: “My people, as you watch the rich on Wall Street and the candidates who spend millions of dollars to get elected, you can understand how money and wealth runs their lives. The man or woman, that is rich for themselves, will be tempted strongly to depend more on their wealth than on Me to sustain them through life. If you truly are one of My followers, you would give everything over to Me and help your neighbor in their needs. Your wealth is of little value to your soul, but by sharing your wealth with others, you could store treasure in heaven. Trust more in Me than in anything of this world.”

Jesus said: “My people, this vacant chair in the White House means that the President will need to seek safety either from a natural disaster or a terror incident. I have told you that the one world people will be staging another major incident that could trigger a national emergency so martial law could be declared. At such a time any group could begin a takeover of your country and demand chips in the body be made mandatory for control of your people. Trust in Me that I will protect you at My refuges during this tribulation.”

Jesus said: “My people, the time for the North American Union to take over your country is quickly approaching. As your freedoms are quietly being compromised, your people will soon realize who is controlling your wars, money, and even your jobs. Once the one world people establish martial law in America, you will soon see the North American Union come into power. This will soon be followed by the Antichrist taking over all of these unions to set up his kingdom. This is why when martial law is established, you must flee to your refuges for protection with My angels.”

Jesus said:

“My people, before martial law is declared, you will see the men in black raiding homes to capture those in opposition to the coming new world order. They will try to surprise you before martial law is declared, but I will warn you to leave ahead of their plans. Again by following My plan, you will be protected at My refuges. Fear not these evil ones, even if you are called to martyrdom for My Name’s sake.”

Jesus said: “My people, your business and government people are warning you of an imminent recession of a weak economy about to develop. In addition to all the mortgage debts, you could see many more people falling on hard times with the many fires and tornadoes destroying their homes. This year will be one of the worst on record for destruction to your buildings, and it will enhance your recession into a deeper economic slump. All of these events will make it easier for a takeover of your country. Pray for My protection in a time when evil will have a brief reign.”

Jesus said: “My people, as house values continue to fall further, and homes are harder to sell, more people will leave their homes to the banks who will then be making more markdowns because they cannot get enough money back on auctioned homes. These financial woes will compound your deficits and could come close to national bankruptcy. Such a financial disaster would ruin much wealth and leave many homeless or in makeshift homes. All of these events, coming from many directions, will be leading to a national takeover. Pray much at your refuges, and I will supply your physical needs.”

Jesus said: “My people, as your recession will worsen, many tax supported elements of your population will find problems in getting enough money to live. In your cities you could see more rioting and stealing as people struggle to survive. This chaos and threats to life will be another reason to call on Me to lead you to the safety of My refuges. The one world people will pay in the end for their evil deeds when I bring about My victory over evil.”