Thursday, February 5, 2009: (St. Agatha)

Jesus said: “My people, life is like this school house where you are constantly learning things of the world, and growing in your faith experience with Me. You are not born with a full knowledge of anything. Everything you do has to be a learned experience, and some skills need constant practice. The same happens in your faith walk as well. This is why I am constantly asking you to check each year if you are growing in your faith, or falling back into your old sinful habits. To be a saint you must grow in your faith each year, ever striving for perfection in sainthood. So as you graduate from one decade to another, you have different experiences which you can share with younger people in helping them to improve their faith. Do not be critical of anyone in their faith progress because some are slower, or have not received the same training as you have. Learn to truly love Me and others, and that will take a lifetime to perfect yourself.”
Prayer Group:
Jesus said: “My people, the Federal Reserve was set up to be a private lending source to the U.S. government. This symbol of the pyramid is a masonic symbol and the masons are involved with the Federal Reserve. The National Debt is coming close to $11 trillion dollars and more will be added with the latest banking and stimulus plans. Many are quick to ask the government to spend borrowed money to get the economy going again. This is really a risk that taking on more debt will solve the recession problem. If it is not successful, you are putting your country at risk of bankruptcy with no one to bail out your government. Pray for My guidance for your leaders to make the right decisions for what is best for your country.”
Jesus said: “My people, this Statue of Liberty is a sign of your liberties and freedoms for America that were first claimed in your Declaration of Independence. I am showing you this symbol because your freedoms are being taken away little by little in the name of security and antiterrorism. You are seeing proposals to make detention centers in case of emergency as in riots and chaos. These centers will be places to store those who will not go along with the new world order and those refusing to take chips in the body. The one world people are already planning for your takeover when your country goes bankrupt. Trust in Me to lead you to My refuges for your protection.”
Jesus said: “My people, your President was quick to give aid for abortions abroad and in your military. He is also pressuring your Congress to pass a large spending plan as soon as possible before judging it on its merits. Proposing limits on salaries for company leaders who get U.S. funding is stepping more beyond what is in his normal powers. Pray for guidance in your country’s decisions before rushing into things that may not be helpful in your recession.”
Jesus said: “My people, many different businesses and even government jobs are facing budget restraints because of less income or less revenue from taxes. These deficits are causing further layoffs which is a challenge for people to pay their bills and find food. Pray for those losing their jobs that they could find some kind of employment. Your recession is getting deeper without signs of improvement. Pray for My help in these hard times because you are seeing the beginning of the end of your country’s freedoms before your fall.”
Jesus said: “My people, after 9-11 you could see more people coming to church out of fear of terrorism. Now and further in the future more people will see the need to get on their knees and pray for My help in your jobs and finding ways to pay your bills. You are always dependent on Me, but in hard times you see more of an immediate need for My help.”
Jesus said: “My people, it is a good thought to dwell on how your country got into your present crisis. You have the desire of everyone to have their own homes, but some were allowed loans that they could never repay. You have the greed in your housing sales and commissions that did not care if loans could be repaid. You had the greed of Wall Street selling over leveraged derivatives. You also have the sins of abortion and sexual sins. All of this blame can be spread around to many people and this is why your country is failing and could cause a lot of disruption in peoples’ lives. Pray to atone for the sins of your country because you are harvesting the consequences of your sins. Be also prepared to go to your refuges when martial law is declared.”
Jesus said: “My people, I mentioned to you before that you may have to help your families in their bills if they get laid off from their jobs. You also may have to reach out and feed your neighbors at soup supper places as food is harder to find and buy. Pray for all peoples that are suffering financially, and from natural disasters as your recent ice storms. Charity and government aid is not reaching many in need. Trust in Me when things seem impossible to handle by your means.”