Thursday, February 4, 2010

Jesus said: “My people, this asteroid in your vision is relatively small, but at the speed that it is traveling, there is still a chance of damage from the remaining fragments after entry into your atmosphere. You have recently read articles of how only a small amount of money is spent on searching for near miss objects coming toward the earth. Many times you find out about such objects after they have passed you, as the recent object that was only 80,000 miles away. Any such objects that strike in the ocean could send a considerable sized tsunami that could inundate coastal cities with a wall of water. Do not be surprised if such an event happens with little or no warning.”

Prayer Group:

Jesus said: “My people, your people have still not realized how precious each life is that I bring to the earth. In addition to taking life because it is a convenience or an embarrassment, you are denying the plan that I had for the life that you killed. America needs to wake up and stop supporting the death culture in abortion, euthanasia, and wars. Even your scientists are developing diseases to drastically decrease the world’s population as they follow the plan of the one world people. Work to stop abortion, euthanasia and wars to fight the demons who are encouraging these killings.”

Jesus said: “My people, because abortion is so prevalent in your society, all of heaven is celebrating every birth of a child in this life. Taking care of children has become a difficulty because many babies are taken to day care centers so the mother could go to work. It is unfortunate for these children that see a babysitter more than their parents. Your society is so preoccupied with money and possessions that your children find it hard to express themselves. You are being out populated by the Muslims because they are more concerned for their children in large families. It is unfortunate that some are used for suicide bombers. So treat life as precious because your time on earth is short.”

Jesus said: “My people, in your travels you have seen how sound, lights, heating, and cooling have changed a lot even in your old churches. The ornate woodcarving and paintings are becoming a lost art, as well as stained glass windows. Modernism has crept into My Church to try and take away all of the old traditions. People at times come to church looking to be entertained instead of coming to be with Me in a personal relationship. This is why the faith is weak because you bring your technology into My churches. See My Word and the Mass as unchanging, and far superior to anything that man could do. Keep close to Me in your soul and do not let the worldly distractions take you away from Me.”

Jesus said: “My people, there is a lesson in this disaster in Haiti, and you should realize how quickly everything that you have could be lost in an instant. This is why money, possessions, and homes are not to be your gods because they are all passing away. My Word and My sacraments will live on forever, so put your faith in heavenly things that will last forever. Your desire to be with Me in love is far more satisfying to your soul’s peace than anything that this world could offer.”

Jesus said: “My people, this evil man of peace is causing signs in the sky with various technical means to claim that he is about to declare himself and lead a peace movement to stop wars. He also is claiming to be a grand master and a simple man with charismatic powers to control people’s minds. Beware of looking at this Antichrist and avoid listening to his words that will attempt to get you to worship him. Before he comes to power I will bring My Warning to wake you up to who I am and how you need to be serving Me by helping others. Avoid any chips in the body and be ready to come to My refuges during this evil one’s reign.”

My father said: “I am happy that my family is taking care of their children and having a good influence on their spiritual lives. In heaven everything is focused on Jesus, and I am proud of your ministry to help souls. It would be a good thought to have pictures of us around the house so you can better remember us who have passed on. We are here to help you, and you could call on our prayers as you pray to your son, David. Thank you for remembering me everyday at Communion time. We are part of the Communion of Saints that are always united with you. Keep working on improving your spiritual life, as heaven is always encouraging you to do your best for Jesus.”

My mother said: “John, you were always meaning well to help my conversion, but it was difficult for me to grasp at first. Once I worked for Mary and Jesus, my life was full of more joy. Dad and I are together once again and we both want to be more a part of your lives. Thank you for thinking of us at our graves, and I too would like to see our pictures around your house. We love you so much.”